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8 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid them

1. Don’t be daunted Many entrepreneurs set themselves almost unachievable goals. While idealism and dreams are great qualities in an entrepreneur, setting unrealistic goals often means disappointment and it can also mean you will be more likely to cave in during difficult times. As Sir Richard Branson has once said “Had we tried to plan for such a future, we would...

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Should I rent an office?

Should I rent an office?   Freelancers and small businesses often start from home. Whether it’s in the back bedroom, the garden shed or from the kitchen table, it’s the obvious, low cost choice for those wanting to work for themselves but not have the overheads associated with renting office space. However, as the business develops, you accumulate more...

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Are Your Staff Taking Enough Breaks?

Research by Bupa has revealed that almost two thirds of British workers are too busy to take the twenty-minute lunch break that is required by law when they’re working shifts of six hours or more. In fact, a whopping 28% are not taking any breaks at all during their working day. Take a second to think about how this applies to your business. Is there a culture of employees...

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7 Steps to Your Creative Business’ Financial Success

1. Focus on one Area and be the Best! The most successful creative businesses are the ones who do something different. Every creative is unique in their own way, but in order to succeed financially, great design is not always enough. Rather than trying to build a full “ready to wear” collection from the beginning you may be better off just focusing on one specialty...

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Getting personal with your model agency

Fashion Rider knows that many of you will most likely need to work with models at some point in your career. Therefore, if you haven’t already, you could very well find yourself dealing with a professional model agency, and it’s vital to find the right one for the job. Bearing that in mind… When it comes to finding the perfect model agency, what are the ideal...

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