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Gucci takes on diversity

Gucci is a fashion house that is becoming known for its idiosyncratic style. It has also translated that style across to it’s marketing, with a number of ads and marketing campaigns that get across the one issue that seems to be at the heart of fashion these days: diversity.

Diversity is obvious something that any brand needs to be both aware of and ready to promote. Gucci started the whole diversity thing back in 2016. There wasn't the most attractive of benchmarks here though. The

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Is Sustainable Fashion Really a Thing?

If there is one topic that can be classed as a ‘burning issue’ in the fashion industry right now it is sustainability. Fashion is often seen as a highly commercial and wasteful industry, one that cannot meet the needs of the planet. This is slowly changing though, and some designers are taking on the challenge of creating pieces that are based on strong sustainable principles. And the best news is that there are some designers creating clothing that is not only sustainable but also attractive and ‘leading edge’ in terms of style.

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Is Fast Fashion Here to Stay in 2017?

The pace of the fashion world has significantly sped up over recent years to meet the demands of the new digital consumer, those who value immediacy and purchase spontaneously.

The rise of ‘fast fashion’ in the last 15 years or so has made fashion more accessible and affordable than it’s ever been before.

Trends are hard to keep up with now as fast fashion means that brands are bringing out new products and new looks quicker than ever, and as a result consumers

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From Athleisure to Athluxury

You don’t need to be told that the fashion industry is fickle. It has seasons, and this means that trends change, year on year. It pays to be on top of these trends.

The integration of leisurewear into fashion that happened last year has slowed, to an extent. And ‘Athleisure’, while successful as a trend, has now been replaced. The new look is simply known as ‘Athluxury’. At first glance, it may be a little difficult to differentiate between the two. But ‘Athluxury’ has a few features and ideas that, we think, may lend it extra staying power.

What was so

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Why you should be entering beauty and fashion industry competitions

For fashion and beauty professionals putting together a creative entry for an industry competition may seem like a time-consuming and expensive task when you’ve got a business to run, but the benefits you could reap from entering are priceless.

You don’t need us to tell you that setting up in this industry and getting your first big break is tough. With so many other eager and budding creatives to compete against it can be difficult to get noticed.

If you don’t already participate in industry competitions and awards ceremonies then we definitely recommend you add it to your business plan, let us explain

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