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Designer Antoine Peters Published on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 14:43

Today I offer you an insight into the unconventional world of Antoine Peters, a fashion designer living and working in Amsterdam. Antoine is a figure to keep an eye on, and has been referred to as ‘one of Holland’s most promising designers’.

He first built on his reputable image through his ground breaking project ‘A Sweater For The World!’ which consisted of creating a giant grey sweater, big enough to comfortably fit a small group of people at a time, with the intentions of photographing as many different people across the globe inside it as possible. The result was a range of different cultures, colours, sizes and opinions brought together inside one jumper, creating unity and spreading Antoine’s favourite thing to provide – a little smile.

‘A Sweater For The World!’ set the tone for what to expect from Antoine Peters in collections to come, and he certainly did not disappoint. His collections highlight matters of concern or debate with a fun and colourful outlook by exaggerating with different colours, shapes, proportions and silhouettes. In his own words ‘there are no outlines anymore. It’s all about the colouring in.’ I admire Antoine’s playful attitude to fashion. His work follows no rule, stays within no boundaries and has brilliantly bizarre results.

The new Summer 2012 ‘Get Dizzy’ collection demonstrates this perfectly. Inspired by the feeling of the physical or perhaps metaphorical feeling of dizziness caused by a fast moving world, the collection symbolises fighting back with a spontaneous summersault.

More of Antoine Peters’ work can be viewed on his Fashion Rider profile: Antoine Peters