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  1. Musician profile: Oceanside  


    Artist out of NY with a Dream, a Goal and a motive to reach that goal. Listen to my music and vibe.

    Outside UK
  2. Musician profile: CoronerĀ for the Police  

    CoronerĀ for the Police  

    Rock Rock Rock Band. Sounds like Al Capone jamming with The Raconteurs, Black Keys & QOTSA.   Coroner for the Police have three EPs available NOW! Swamp Box Gentleman's Relish The Deer and the Bulldozer

  3. Musician profile: Leo GoldenChild  

    Leo GoldenChild  

    Going from strength to strength, Leo has performed all around the UK now and has supported some very well know names …. Union J, Dappy, TICH, Wiley, Luke Friend, Elyar Fox, Foxes, Rough Copy, Connor Maynard, Wilkinson, Lorna Simpson, Giles Potter, Joseph Whelan, Miss Dynamix, Lorna Simpson and all of the X Factor Finalists …. a great resume already and more to add soon.

  4. Musician profile: Disclexic Electro

    Disclexic Electro

    It started out as a little side project, some light relief from hauling their rock/dance band Eskimo Smile, across venues and festivals of the UK and Europe . And something to keep Rick and Dane off the streets, and out the gutter, between gigs.   Then record companies began asking Disclexic to remix some of their releases, which somehow led to live sets – combining live instruments, recordings, remixing and various...

  5. Musician profile: G Percussion Dance

    G Percussion Dance

    Gareth Rathbone’s growing demand and reputation for playing unsurpassed percussion alongside some of the UK’s best DJ’s has currently placed him amongst the best percussionists in the UK. With his ability to provide an alternative beat to some of the most progressive house and dance music currently available this is now setting a new trend for others to follow.

  6. Musician profile: Suburban Sons   

    Suburban Sons  

    Suburban Sons moved up to Greater Manchester from the Midlands in 2012, since then we have changed name, wrote a load of material, released an E.P and two singles, played on nation radio and started to make a consistent fanbase. We are now in the studio working on a new record.  

  7. Musician profile: Clare Stokes Acoustic/Folk/Pop

    Clare Stokes Acoustic/Folk/Pop

    Clare Stokes is a singer/songwriter originally from Cornwall but now based in Manchester. Her music is Acoustic, Folk Music with a dash of pop. It’s catchy and honest!

  8. Musician profile: The Colliers Pop/Acoustic/Rock/Indie

    The Colliers Pop/Acoustic/Rock/Indie

    The Colliers combine, Sharp hooks Infectious melodies Anthemic riffs No nonsense bass and driving beats to create very original, seriously catchy Alternative Guitar Pop songs.

  9. Musician profile: Georgia Barry R&B/ Soul

    Georgia Barry R&B/ Soul

    With a vocal ability that is simply breathtaking and energy that is electrifying, Georgia knows how to communicate with her audience. People who have seen her perform say she has a stage presence that is out of this world. She exudes charisma.   Her voice is velvety, sweet, strong, angelic and full of soul and she is inimitable. As soon as she opens her mouth, you know it is Georgia! Her songs are personal and honest. They are...

  10. Musician profile: Tutti Music C.I.C. Classical, Acoustic, Jazz

    Tutti Music C.I.C. Classical, Acoustic, Jazz

    We provide the very best professional musicians for special events, conferences and weddings. We work closely with clients to identify the best musical solutions to fit their budget and requirements. Tutti Music also offers a unique programme of music-based training and teambuilding activities.   We are different though… All profits are reinvested in music projects for young people. We work with schools and youth...

  11. Musician profile: Patch and The Giant Alternative Folk

    Patch and The Giant Alternative Folk

    Formed in 2011, Patch and The Giant are an alternative folk septet from London. Fusing traditional, rough-edged folk and fabled themes with elements of countless other genres, their songs capture a rare spirit of poignancy and simultaneous sense of energy and cool. The close-knit sound is built on captivating vocals, full of life textures, unique instrumentation and ever-changing lilt. Since hitting the London gig scene with full force...

  12. Musician profile: William Barstow  

    William Barstow  

    Manchester based singer-songwriter originally from Sheffield, writes delicate songs which take in elements of folk, blues and Americana. Will is currently gigging throughout the country and if you wish to book him please do not hesitate to contact him.

  13. Musician profile: Cloak  


    Cloak are an 80s inspired duo who have created a modern electronic sound by combining unique dance beats with melodic synths and haunting vocals to make attractive and easy to listen to compositions . Cloak have just released their debut album 'Solitude' and are at present writing their follow up album.

  14. Musician profile: Clayton Brown  

    Clayton Brown  

    Lyrics without profanity, humanity over vanity, keeping mi sanity

  15. Musician profile: Defiance Rock

    Defiance Rock

    Defiance were formed Dec 12 .Formally with 80s synth band cloak , kevin prior decide to get together with a few other musicians from around the bournemouth area and form the rocky sound of Defiance.With the talented guitarist John Kearley the absolutely fantastic drumming of Eden Shadow drummer Tom Burgess and the booming bass of Alan Whitney , the chance to write and release an EP together was just too good an opportunity to miss out on...

  16. Musician profile: Miss Mavrik Dance

    Miss Mavrik Dance

    During 2010 Miss Mavrik completed her 2nd season in Ibiza, also holding residencies in Istanbul, Rome, London, Madrid and St Tropez. That year saw her play at renowned superclubs throughout Europe ranging from Pacha to 360. She also travelled throughout Europe as resident dj on The Fuel Tour, playing in over 13 countries in as many weeks. 2011 was equally convincing, playing a mix of club, progressive or tech house she performed in...

  17. Musician profile: Red Sky Noise  

    Red Sky Noise  

    Sculpting innovative, bass-driven sounds, dizzy with rhythms and hooks, Red Sky Noise merge raw soul inspired vocals with a mixture of live and programmed instrumentation to craft something unmistakably vivid and current.

  18. Musician profile: Roger L. Messi Hip Hop/Rap, Indie, Pop

    Roger L. Messi Hip Hop/Rap, Indie, Pop

    Roger’s latest project is entitled "Empire 2" and he has his first single off the project being released in December 2012.  

    Outside UK
  19. Musician profile: Lisa Ella  

    Lisa Ella  

    A singer/ song writer from Manchester, England. Throughout my life I have had music at my heart, starting out classically trained up to Grade 6 achieving a distinction then focusing on my solo career within R&B. My music is R&B based with a hint of Reggae which keeps me in touch with my Bajan routes. Performing and having the ability to write music and produce your own songs is an aspect I most enjoy.

  20. Musician profile: Hit Mechaniks  

    Hit Mechaniks  

    Hit Mechaniks is a EDM trio based out of Los Angeles, California. Very ahead of their time, Dirty Lou , Carlos and Alex Vela were discovering the power of House Music during their teenage years. Avid vinyl collectors, their multi genre EDM sound has turned them into one of the most versatile Producer/DJ groups around today. Now Releasing Music through house label Tape Deck Music. The Hit Mechanik’s sound has continued to...

    Outside UK
  21. Musician profile: Lauren Housley Northern Soul

    Lauren Housley Northern Soul

    LAUREN HOUSLEY – Manchester’s Newest Hit Maker (Debut EP ‘One Step Closer’ out June 11th) Welcome to the warm, organic soundscape of Lauren Housley – a fresh, big voice with the full, rounded flavour and maturity of a retro-classic panorama, dove-tailing the tender tones of Dusty Springfield, the grandeur of Marlena Shaw with the virility of Ray Charles – as delivered by a strutting young lass from...

  22. Musician profile: The Rubbish Indie

    The Rubbish Indie

    Hailing from one street in the Municipal area of 'Barrowford' 'The Rubbish; were a phenomenon that influenced a whole generation of at least 4 people. The only band to play Wembley Arena twice without the support of a record label, its fair to say 'The Rubbish' really did not get anywhere at all, legends in their own underpants, loved by a couple of people and back to reality working in factories, it was very good...

  23. Musician profile: Pitbulljones Indie, Instrumental, Alternative

    Pitbulljones Indie, Instrumental, Alternative

    Darren Peers has been making music under the moniker of Pitbulljones for several years now, his musical style ranging from traditional classical composition to highly experimental and ambient soundscapes. An innovator, Pitbulljones has had his music used in multiple multimedia projects including the theatre, online films and online games including the massively popular ‘Magic Pen’ brand of games. Most recently Pitbulljones...

  24. Musician profile: Clockwork Radio Alternative Rock/ Funk/ Afro Beat

    Clockwork Radio Alternative Rock/ Funk/ Afro Beat

    Music crosses national, religious and cultural boundaries and this is as evident as ever in the sound, ideas and diversity of Clockwork Radio. The band currently based in Manchester, consists of two Welshmen, two Mancunians and an Egyptian.   This diversity of culture, sound and nationality has not always worked in the band’s favour; battling it out over visa issues in order to get bassist Nadim Mirshak permission to...

  25. Musician profile: ErnesS Sax  

    ErnesS Sax  

    Erness, who has played for 20 years, learnt the art of the saxophone in Professional Conservatory of Music of Leon (Spain), has a vast and varied history of working with National bands such as (Melendi, Vetusta Morla, Arizona Baby). Playing all around the Iberic Peninsula; his convergence of styles means he can blend into electronic music sets playing a range of styles.   Fully immersing himself in curiosity of electronic...

  26. Musician profile: Bobb Shaw  Musician

    Bobb Shaw Musician

    West Yorkshire based singer/songwriter Bobb Shaw picked up his first guitar at the age of 17 and began composing his own songs within the year. The former drummer was brought up on the influential sounds of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones. His Debut EP titled "Stars Will Fall" has the foundations for greatness.

  27. Musician profile: J-Nuclear Hip Hop, World Music

    J-Nuclear Hip Hop, World Music

    J-Nuclear (Jericho Daemo) Hip Hop recording artist, poet, model, and actor...seeking to inspire reach, uplift and connect with all of my various forms of Expression.   From Miami Beach, FL but distance is not that important!

    Outside UK
  28. Musician profile: Hayley Martinez House/ Electronica

    Hayley Martinez House/ Electronica

    Hayley Martinez is first and foremost an underground house music lover, the DJing came from her obsession with gritty dirty house music. Over the past few years, she’s been following labels and artists who put out real bass driven house along with rolling tech and deep house. Her knowledge of house music and her passion for the club scene is very apparent and she meticulously chooses the right music for her sets. Hayley has a real...

  29. Musician profile: Red Barrio Ambient Reggae Dub

    Red Barrio Ambient Reggae Dub

    Red Barrio are an Ambient Reggae Dub Band based in Manchester, mixing Venezuelan, British and Latin rhythms to create a unique atmospheric sound. We feature guest artists as required (e.g. vox, piano, guitar, trumpet, sax).   As experienced musicians we have all played in numerous bands & toured the USA, South America and Europe and our repertoire can cater for any event around the world  (e.g. live gigs/festivals,...

  30. Musician profile: Amie Hodson-Ridgway  

    Amie Hodson-Ridgway  

    Full time Manchester student, Amie Hodson-Ridgway, desires to be a producer and full time DJ of house music, or radio presenter. Her portfolio of events seems to be ever growing and after her exciting performance at Venus, where she got moved towards a bigger audience, she wants more.

  31. Musician profile: Danny Kay Hip Hop, Bashment, Afrobeats

    Danny Kay Hip Hop, Bashment, Afrobeats

    Danny Kay, 23 and I am currently working in the North West. I'm a high energy, urban DJ with a bold mic style and up front crowd interaction.   Currently resident DJ at Faculty, Liverpool playing to hundreds of students 3 nights a week.   I play hip hop, bashment & rnb & afrobeats. Can also play to an open format DJ set including house, chart, party & student anthems on request.

  32. Musician profile: Pacific  


    Pacific are an Alternative band from Manchester. The band consists of brothers/songwriters Anthony Orzel - Vocals/Piano and Daniel Orzel - Bass/Backing Vocals, Dave Bithell - Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals and Drew Burns - Drums/Percussion. Since Pacific’s creation in 2011, the band is undoubtedly becoming one of the UK’s next most exciting prospects. Combining their energetic piano-led Alternative sound with addictive...

  33. Musician profile: The Koniac Net  

    The Koniac Net  

    Spawning all the way from Bombay (India), the debut album, "One Last Monsoon," was written & performed entirely by songwriter David Abraham, and primarily recorded in his bedroom - an apt environment for an album that plays like a love letter to the Indie & Alternative genres, and the artists/bands that allow these genres to thrive. The Koniac Net has been compared to artists such as the Stills, Smashing Pumpkins,...

    Outside UK
  34. Musician profile: Danielle Kerwick Acoustic

    Danielle Kerwick Acoustic

    Straight out of MTV’s Brand New Face For 2012, the fresh faced Danielle Kerwick grabbed everyone’s attention with her unique and addictive vocal tone, introducing the wonderfully written debut track Stubborn Heart.