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  1. Designer profile: Tosin Mogaji Footwear

    Tosin Mogaji Footwear

    Tosin Mogaji is a young footwear designer and recent graduate of BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear Design at London College of Fashion. Having previously studied Art & Design in college, Tosin naturally found herself drawn to the creative and functional aspect of creating footwear products.   With her final year collection, emphasis was placed on designing and making shoes that are minimal in style, with a focus on strong,...

  2. Designer profile: Morna Darling Jewellery

    Morna Darling Jewellery

    My work is inspired by fabrics and clothing. I am interested in representing the qualities of cloth such as layering, threading, folding and the patterns found within it. Pattern making is hugely important in my process and I am fascinated with the structural repeated elements of fabric and how to emulate these in my jewellery. Repetition is a recurring theme in my designs and drawings and the repeated actions I use to make my pieces, such...

  3. Designer profile: Adrian Cartwright Illustration

    Adrian Cartwright Illustration

    Experience as an illustrator is priceless, so having a keen eye and eager to learn and experiment has given Adrian knowledge that he passes onto his projects. It’s not just about drawing a great illustration, it’s about understanding the brief and drawing on skills learnt over the years to create a great illustration.

  4. Designer profile: Iris London Lingerie

    Iris London Lingerie

    Epitomising modern elegance and structural wearability, Iris stays true to the empowering qualities of lingerie whilst redefining the concept of luxury underwear.   Meticulous in all areas of design, sourcing and manufacture, we are a British underwear brand that combines classic craftsmanship with contemporary styles, resulting in feminine, high-fashion intimates to be worn and treasured forever.

  5. Designer profile: Fresh Couture  

    Fresh Couture  

    Fresh Couture is a brand based in the North East of england (Newcastle),Established in 2013 ,we aim to bring that little bit more to your style and not just the same old stuff you see in retail shops! We aim to be different so that you can look good in the crowd!   We started fresh couture early 2013 and already you can see some famous faces in our clothing, Everyday fresh couture is growing into a bigger and better brand so...

  6. Designer profile: Sadie Blythin Jewellery

    Sadie Blythin Jewellery

    From simple objects to sculptural body pieces my work combines an interest in exploring the boundary between art, jewellery and fashion. I am a textile artist and contemporary jeweller creating handcrafted objects and accessories, for on and off the body. I would be extremely interested in collaborative work with other designer/makers from various creative disciplines!

  7. Designer profile: Leah Jones Graduate

    Leah Jones Graduate

    I am a recent Womenswear graduate from the Manchester school of Art. Along with womenswear my work pays a particular focus to Knitwear and surface pattern decoration.A strong focus of my work is colour. I like to combine simple silhouettes with decorative details that make statement pieces. Sum up what you do? What makes your work different? I use bright colours and woven in patterns within my knitwear to give it a contemporary edge. I mix...

  8. Designer profile: Tammam Wedding

    Tammam Wedding

    Tammam is a traditional couture fashion house. We create new collections each season, couture clients will be invited to see and try samples at our central London studio, Accessories and collaborative collections are available through select stockists.   Our expertise lies in creative pattern cutting, ensuring your garment fits perfectly, while utilising flattering and interesting cuts to accentuate and enhance each individual...

  9. Designer profile: Georgina Dee  

    Georgina Dee  

    Georgina Dee is an online store which brings catwalk designs to your front door. Our fashion experts can also help you find you the perfect outfit for that special occasion. To request this service please go to our contact us page. Georgina Dee is an independently owned British clothing label founded in London, UK. Georgina Dee is extending its brand into bespoke and ready to wear garments. The designs are inspired by the latest trends...

  10. Designer profile: ZaraMia Ava  

    ZaraMia Ava  


  11. Designer profile: Paris Hawkins-Carr   

    Paris Hawkins-Carr  

    I am a womenswear designer, and have recently graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with a First Class Honours degree in Fashion Design.   I am interested in conceptual thinking and every aspect of the design process with attention to detail.

  12. Designer profile: Lisa Arnott Jewellery

    Lisa Arnott Jewellery

    Living and working in Edinburgh I run my jewellery design business from SilverHub Studios.   With my jewellery I create small collections, limited editions and one off pieces which are classic and contemporary.

  13. Designer profile: Your Own Clothing  

    Your Own Clothing  

    Japanese street styling, electronic vibes, doing it with soul, hedonistic sunsets, festival veterans, lazy days, hectic nights, pioneering collaborations, doing it with style, brothers ‘n‘ sisters, 24 hour party revellers, doing it with pride, Balearic beats, dance floors of the world, calming sunrises, super star DJ‘s, sandy beaches, 1960‘s British mods n skins, clean lines, scruffy styling, ibithan hippies,...

  14. Designer profile: Duchelina Dove  

    Duchelina Dove  

    My name is Duchelina Dove. I am a fashion designer.   Also Duchelina Dove is the name of my fashion brand, based in London/UK, founded by me in 2011.  My brand distributes different design that is both creative and unique, made from high-quality fabrics&sewn with extreme attention to detail.   My unique designs and high standards are what I aim to be recognised and renowned for.  Duchelina Dove...

  15. Designer profile: Rock ‘n’ Needle  

    Rock ‘n’ Needle  

    I’m a 22 year old fashion designer, freelance stylist and founder of fashion label Rock ‘n’ Needle London. I studied at The London Fashion Retail Academy. I’m represented by The Red Bagg Agency in Brussels for the Benelux region.   I've won two awards for my work in fashion – one from Drapers. I’ve hosted many fashion shows, worked with a variety of celebrities including TV shows such as...

  16. Designer profile: Stephanie O'Leary Jewellery

    Stephanie O'Leary Jewellery

    I have personally found jewellery to be one of the most influential forms of expressing myself through art. It allows me to experiment and push my boundaries within the field of contemporary art. By using the body as a blank canvas, I am able to use jewellery as a vessel to communicate my ideas to the world.   I am currently inspired by geometric structures within organic forms, and have found bone to be a recurring...

  17. Designer profile: Stitch-up London  

    Stitch-up London  

    Stitch Up London’ is a collaborative fashion design team. We create one off garments, unique pieces and Up-cycled clothing using the strengths of the collective members to style and create innovative looks.   Customers can also commission pieces to their specification at a slightly higher price point, We develop collections for small boutiques and online stores as well as hosting targeted events including pop-up stores...

  18. Designer profile: ADAM JONES  


    I am a designer with a wabi-sabi approach to design, celebrating the mundane nuances of everyday life, my work sees the beauty in things others overlook. Inspiration comes from decay and disorder on the street, tackling the idea of a Broken Britain.   I work with discarded distressed upholstery leathers, relinquishing control over the final look for a more exciting product, alongside I use a lot of domestic machine knitting...

  19. Designer profile: Jenni Hampshire  

    Jenni Hampshire  

    In the boutique, Jenni is able to conduct private consultations and fittings (valuable for an incredible fit), dream up new designs and create her corsets.   The boutique also allows Jenni to meet friends, fans and other makers. Many have been visiting from all around the UK so far, the boutique providing an unusual and rare opportunity to "talk corset" with one of the country's leading corsetieres.

  20. Designer profile: Joana Almagro  

    Joana Almagro  

    Joana Almagro is a Filipina born, Manchester based fashion designer who has become synonymous with the ultra-body contouring and contemporary silhouette.   Creating heavily embellished and textured statement jackets and dresses inspired by the feminine form, it is this design element that has projected her aesthetics into the international stage.

  21. Designer profile: eyato  


    Eyato is designed with a high end couture niche clientele in mind. Eyato is for the Business woman, the Boardroom woman and the Senior Executive Management woman; the woman not to be messed with who dares to put her intellectually driven femininity right into the equation.

  22. Designer profile: Shonagh Smith  

    Shonagh Smith  

    With a; BA (hons) in Textiles and Surface design, Foundation degree in Contemporary Textiles Practice and a National Diploma in Textiles, Shonagh has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Specilaising in womenswear and digital print for her Final Major project Shonaghs work has been featured in Newcastle Fashion Week as a "one to watch".

  23. Designer profile: Ryan Lee Austin  

    Ryan Lee Austin  

    High End Cutting Edge Womenswear Fashion Brand based in Northampton, UK.

  24. Designer profile: Rosario Merola Jewellery

    Rosario Merola Jewellery

    Growing up in Sicily, I was constantly struck by the rich colors and forms surrounding me. The triangular shape of the island for example, and many bright colors of the land and sea inspired my integration of these characteristic into many of my jewelry pieces.

  25. Designer profile: Aura Jewellery  

    Aura Jewellery  

    Aura Handcrafted Jewellery and Accessories are designed and manufactured by Joanna Ritchie from her studio in Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland.   After graduating in 2006 with a degree in Product Design from the University of Ulster in Belfast, Joanna established her jewellery business in 2007, using her artistic skills to create unique designs.   Joanna uses a combination of Swarovski Crystals, pearls, beads...

  26. Designer profile: MARIA SOROMENHO  


    I have been working in fashion for over 2 years now, My background includes studies and work experience in scenography, graphic design, knitwear, styling, fashion conservation, management and PR.

  27. Designer profile: Aimee Matthew-John Graduate

    Aimee Matthew-John Graduate

    AIMEE is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at Central Saint Martins and graduated in 2012. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

  28. Designer profile: Zoe Duthie Jewellery

    Zoe Duthie Jewellery

    Z.D Jewellery is an emerging jewellery brand based in Scotland and was created in 2009 by design graduate Zoe Duthie.   The brand specialises in creating handmade precious metal jewellery collections as well as privately commissioned designs.

  29. Designer profile: Dusty  


    Dusty was established in 1997 with a small collection of T-Shirts and has now grown into a full range of ‘semi-casual’ fashion brand for men and women. Drawing inspiration from both the high and underground culture of the fashion spectrum, Dusty has always stood for providing quality products, creating taste and inviting people to take part in their design.   In every stylish and contemporary-designed Dusty...

  30. Designer profile: Katrin Spranger Jewellery

    Katrin Spranger Jewellery

    As a conceptual jewellery designer/artist, I create stories that comment on consumer culture, environment and science fiction. Focusing on resources that might become depleted in the future, I explore natural materials including crude oil, water and honey to develop wearable but also time-based and interactive jewellery. As my hybrid practice touches several disciplines like fashion, food, photography, performance and installations, I...

  31. Designer profile: Bamboo Bay  

    Bamboo Bay  

    Bamboo Bay is a brand new ethical board-riders company and brand based in Brighton UK. We share a passion for outdoor sports, travel and the environment and Bamboo Bay was set up to provide board-riders an environmental and ethical choice when it comes to fashion and hardware.

  32. Designer profile: Bill and Mar  

    Bill and Mar  

    Extremely hardworking and passionate. Can bring something fun and unique to anything creative. Very excited about fabrics and textures, very easy to work with and will always do the most possible to get the best results.

  33. Designer profile: Anouska London Jewellery

    Anouska London Jewellery

    Stunning swarovski and gold jewellery created by Anouska Woods.   Worn by Music and TV personalities. Seen in Grazia, Elle, OK, NOW, Fabulous and The Stylist. Current Mens collection modelled by Rylan Clark from the X Factor.

  34. Designer profile: Byungmun Seo  

    Byungmun Seo  

    Korean menswear designer Byungmun Seo, born in Seoul, decided to create his own menswear fashion brand after working at 'Series' of Fnc Kolon. With this change, he moved to London where he attended London College of Fashion for his Master's Degree.   He aspires to become an artistic fashion designer by expanding his inspiration to other related areas, such as the film, fine arts and history. It represents a...

  35. Create profile: Elite Labels Ltd  

    Elite Labels Ltd  

      Established in 1987 as a printed textile label manufacturer, Elite Labels Ltd is now a leading supplier in the label market. We work closely with our customers, developing and innovating, and we are thus fully equipped to meet the demands of the ever-changing trends in labelling concepts. With our commitment to quality investment in staff and technology, we provide a Total Label service to all our clients.   Elite...

  36. Designer profile: Harriet Stiles Embroidery & Jewellery Design
  37. Designer profile: Beatrix Brown  

    Beatrix Brown  

    Beatrix Brown is a women’s wear label, specialising in investment pieces, made from the finest British wool’s. 

  38. Designer profile: Elizaveta Novikova  

    Elizaveta Novikova  

    Born in Russia and later moved to London to study in London College of Fashion. During my four years here I had completed a Fashion portfolio course, Foundation Degree in Pattern Cutting and BA Womenswear.   While studding at school in Moscow I was attending a series of courses and weekend classes in life sketching, illustration, oil and gouache painting. I also had a strong interest in thematic photography, both film and...

  39. Designer profile: Lisa Von Hallwyl  Millinery

    Lisa Von Hallwyl Millinery

    Lisa von Hallwyl millinery is based in her Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire hat showroom near Cheltenham where she can create the most eyecatching, Unique creations.   Lisa von Hallwyl is a high class milliner, designing for celebrities and royal events, Lisa offers a bespoke and friendly environment in the heart of the Cotswolds where she will create your sensational hat or headpiece. Lisa has featured in many couture...

  40. Designer profile: Morgan Davies  

    Morgan Davies  

    Morgan Davies is about statement clothing. Wow! Outfits that are un-apologetic, edgy, cool and sharp.   Quality fabric and finishes with attention to detail in the design, cut and construction.   Made for the anti-establishment, anti-fashionista who means business.

  41. Designer profile: Fera Jewellery  

    Fera Jewellery  

    I use traditional hand making skills combined with modern techniques to create my pieces. I draw inspiration from all around but in particular foreign lands, nature and the fashion world. My signature style combines spiked, gothic inspired forms with delicate detailing, and chunkier pieces drawing on street style and punk fashion. Jewellery, for me, holds power and energy and I love to create pieces for people to treasure for a lifetime. I...

  42. Designer profile: Tammam  


    Tammam is a traditional couture fashion house. We create new collections each season, couture clients will be invited to see and try samples at our central London studio, Accessories and collaborative collections are available through select stockists.

  43. Designer profile: Darya London Jewellery

    Darya London Jewellery

    Artistic craftsmanship. Exquisite design. Global sensibilities. These are the characteristics that define Darya London - a luxury jewellery house, creating statement jewellery pieces.

  44. Designer profile: Olivia Deeney  

    Olivia Deeney  

    Yorkshire born, Manchester based, fashion designer Olivia Deeney recently graduated from The University of Salford. Her final collection was inspired by Vanitas Art and The Human Art of Hoarding.   The message portrayed in Vanitas tradition is that of accumulating and collection. The concept being that an individual can have all the world's material possessions but when one dies everything is left to another to own....

  45. Designer profile: Grace Ekall  

    Grace Ekall  

    Grace Ekall is an Innovative Fashion and Textile Designer who established (2012) her fashion label

  46. Designer profile: Tonje Arnesen  

    Tonje Arnesen  

    I am an award-winning conscientious and focused womenswear fashion designer. I enjoy art, fashion, drawing, making, fashion and art magazines, and fairytales. Creating a collection is just like creating my dream reality. Everything is so personal, but I am enthusiastic about every project given. I have always been very into the place we all call wonderland, where nothing ever make any sense.   My study at Kingston University...

  47. Designer profile: Kathryn Rene  

    Kathryn Rene  

    Born in Chicago and raised in London, Kathryn always had an eye for fashion and with strong encouragement from her art tutor Kathryn’s natural talent was nurtured. The early signs indicated a textile inspired path which was realised when Kathryn enrolled at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

  48. Designer profile: Alexandra Nicholson  

    Alexandra Nicholson  

    I have a passion for manipulating fabric and combining textiles in fashion and hope to pursue this love in my career as a designer in London. I will be graduating from my fashion degree in Bristol this summer, having been fortunate enough to study in both Bristol and in Rotterdam.   I'm inspired by artists and photographers alike who retain a minimalist element within their work. I have specialised in womenswear within...

  49. Designer profile: Jane Gowans Jewellery

    Jane Gowans Jewellery

    Jane graduated in 2009 with a First Class Honours Degree in Jewellery & Metal Design and has since set up her own practice, which has gone from strength to strength.   Working from her studio in Scotland, Jane is dedicated to pushing her work and expanding her audience.

  50. Designer profile: Brandy Nicole Easter  

    Brandy Nicole Easter  

    Brandy Nicole Easter clothes and accessories combine Brandy's love for cats, art, and sustainable fashion. Her own two cats, Hermoine and Helvetica, have been the subjects of her cat prints. In some cases, she even hand draws the images directly.   Because of Brandy's love for animals and the environment, Brandy Nicole Easter uses ethical production methods and all products are made from reclaimed materials, including...

  51. Designer profile: Emma Johnson  

    Emma Johnson  

     Emma Johnson is a Womens wear/print designer. Graduate of De Montfort university, in BA hons Fashion design.   She is passionate about any aspect of fashion, particularly print design. Drape, 3D stand work and full shapes are her definitive niche.  

  52. Designer profile: Claudia Oliver   

    Claudia Oliver  

    Falcieri Designs birth was in response to cheap, imported fashion and was created as an alternative to the high street, for women who are concerned about where their clothing comes from but don't want to see someone else wearing the same outfit.   Sustainability and an ethical approach are an important part of the design process thanks to a natural interest in the environment, recycling and the Made in Britain...

  53. Designer profile: Indigo Pink Clothing  

    Indigo Pink Clothing  

    Dare To Be Different…

  54. Designer profile: House Of Sunny  

    House Of Sunny  

    Now based in a new studio in East London, HofS is in its third season and now with a new fresh design team they look to celebrate future lines.   All garments and accessories sold are produced solely in the UK for a true British tailored cut.   KEEP IT CLEAN; KEEP IT SHARP; DISCIPLINE YOUR DECADE AND FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE DRESSING.

  55. Designer profile: Lisa McConniffe  

    Lisa McConniffe  

    Lisa's final collection is inspired by the beautiful construction of turbans which have informed her shape making techniques, including both structural pleating and tassel making. 

  56. Designer profile: Laura Thomas  

    Laura Thomas  

    Laura Thomas is an independent fashion designer, stylist and illustrator specialising in hand painted leather, chain-mail, knit and print. Her love of drawing and painting portraits translates into graphic style prints which are carefully hand painted onto leather. Handmade chain-mail complements the use of leather to bring her punk inspired designs to life. Laura studied Fashion Design at De Montfort University in Leicester and graduated...

  57. Designer profile: Morten Underbjerg  

    Morten Underbjerg  

    Morten Underbjerg is proud and exited to share his own vision for womenswear. He feels the time is right to launch his own label after working as a mainline designer at the RTW studio of Alberta Ferretti. His background includes an MA in fashion womenswear from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London and furthermore freelance work for fashion houses in Europe and the Middle East, draping and researching.   Morten has...

  58. Designer profile: Maison de dauphine  

    Maison de dauphine  

    "Individualistic Luxury"   Dau·phin First Known Use: 13th century France

  59. Designer profile: Hall Ohara  

    Hall Ohara  

    London born STEVEN HALL and Tokyo born YURIKA OHARA graduated from Central Saint Martins College in 2003 both achieving first class degrees. After graduating, they got married and established their label "HALL OHARA". They debuted during S/S 06 at LFW winning the New Generation Award. Since then they have exhibited in Paris and during JFW.   They have also started a mens line, ARP, since S/S 09, and women's...

  60. Designer profile: Genieve Couture  

    Genieve Couture  

    Genieve is a young, imaginative, forward thinking fashion designer who is a wife and mother of three, studying BA Fashion Design at the acclaimed London College of Fashion.   Geneive has also collaborated with many industry professionals including Master Storyteller Eli Anderson, Styleiconic a beauty & editorial team, Doris Michaels Cosmetics, VSO UK model agency in Scotland & a project that received international...

  61. Designer profile: Ciara Monahan  

    Ciara Monahan  

    With a background in screen and digital printing, as well as embellishment, Ciara's designs are heavily influenced by pattern and quirky wearable silhouettes.   Unique laser cut 3D perspex embellishments have been the focal point of her most recent collection.

  62. Designer profile: Bee Davies Illustration

    Bee Davies Illustration

    Bee Davies is a London based illustrator and designer who graduated from Kingston University in 2013. Her clients include Not Another Bill, Nokia, Mission, Atelier Salon, .Cent Magazine, BENGT Fashion, JC Decaux and Hunger Magazine.

  63. Designer profile: Alison Woodhouse Knitwear

    Alison Woodhouse Knitwear

    I am a women’s knitwear designer, specialising in feral, digital and hand knit. I am passionate about colour and developing my skills in garment construction and combining new techniques with traditional methods.   My style of design is technical sportswear mixed with casual ease using knitwear and combining them with sportswear detailing and fabrics. One of my main passions and strengths is communication and...

  64. Designer profile: Laura Godfrey Illustration

    Laura Godfrey Illustration

    I am a trained Illustrator and Artist and have been doodling for as long as I can remember! With a background in Dance and Performing Arts, my work is often theatrical, bright and stands out from the crowd.   As a child I originally wanted to be an Animator/ Cartoonist and gained some valuable work experience in the Art Department at Warner Bros Production Studio in London’s Covent Garden, working on a number of cartoons...

  65. Designer profile: Mas-If  


    Mas-if it’s all in the detail introduces a new era of fashion: a clothing collection which takes you from t-shirts and vests, to hoods and sweats, chinos and shorts, to outwear. It’s geared for today.   Get VIP access to the hottest events of the year, jaw dropping competitions, behind the scenes with upcoming artists, interviews with icons, worldwide street style, forces in fashion trends, exclusive collaborations...

  66. Designer profile: Beata Guzinska  

    Beata Guzinska  

    Beata Guzinska born in Konin, Poland. Now lives and works in London creating unique fashion items.   Guzinska's career started when she presented her collection in the Polish contest 'Off Fashion' in Kielce in 2011.   She finds inspiration around her, in people, the street, architecture, and design.

  67. Designer profile: Carlotta Actis Barone  

    Carlotta Actis Barone  

    Carlotta Actis Barone collections are the expression of her artistic and socially orientated background.   Carlotta was born and raised in Italy, daughter of a visual artist and a published author.   She grew up in a very creative environment, where she was stimulated and encouraged to cultivate her creative interests in literature and the arts. 

  68. Designer profile: Underated London  

    Underated London  

    Who are Underated?   We are a lifestyle brand established in the heart of London, elevated on silent strength and confidence. 

  69. Designer profile: nicci.n.  


    Nicci.n. is the brand created by Nicola Alexandra Gardner for stylish females who desire something ‘a bit different’ yet affordable. Born in 1982, Nicola has been drawn to the fashion industry from a young age as her Grandmother was an extremely talented dressmaker.   Nicola would watch in awe at her Grandmother making clothes for her and her sisters and from then on became increasingly interested in the fashion...

  70. Designer profile: Rakel Blom  

    Rakel Blom  

    Colorful, happy and affordable. These are the three words that sum up the designs by Rakel Blom. Since graduating in 2012 Rakel moved to London to set up her own company. Armed with a workshop in Wimbledon, two sewing machines and loads of good ideas, Rakel not only designs the clothes but also constructs and makes every single item that you can buy on this site.   The World Through my Eyes is Rakel Bloms first commercial...

  71. Designer profile: Tomi Patrol  

    Tomi Patrol  

    UK and EU based independent designs for men...with women's and children's ranges coming soon. T shirts, Hoodies. Shirts, Accessories and other garments coming in 2015.

  72. Designer profile: Sasha Louise  

    Sasha Louise  

    Sashalouise is a British fashion designer. Graduating London of College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion design womenswear. Since graduating Sashalouise has continued pushing the boundaries within fashion design and specialises in latex. Defining a new standard in the world of rubber and fashion. Pioneering new techniques, Net and Marble Latex. Featured on Victoria Pendelton in Fabulous magazine and also in; Notion...

  73. Designer profile: Xiaojing Fang  

    Xiaojing Fang  

    Xiao is a MA footwear design graduate from the Prestigious Royal College of Art. Her design is sexy, fun, and bold. She innovate on footwear texture and material. During her MA at the RCA, she was inspired by optical art and illusions. She wants to continue creating beautiful shoes to the world.

  74. Designer profile: Constanze Friedrichs  

    Constanze Friedrichs  

    Constanze is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. She studied at London College Of Fashion and graduated in 2007. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom. Constanze designs limited edition Womenswear with her signature voluminous and geometric shapes, Sportswear elements and smart detailing.   She recently started a Menswear line, focussing on one-of-a kind shirts with unusual prints and fabric combinations. A lot of...

  75. Designer profile: Laura Sherriffs  

    Laura Sherriffs  

    Laura Sherriffs is my eponymous label, founded after graduating with a BA Honours Degree in Fashion Design from Grays School of Art in July 2013. My vision is to create high quality, innovative garments whilst retaining a wearable aesthetic for the individual modern woman or man. I take influences from my own interests and experiences within my surroundings and juxtapose them alongside my passion for art, futurism and science fiction. As a...

  76. Designer profile: Makbule Yanar  

    Makbule Yanar  

    I recently graduate from Foundation degree Fashion Design and Technology Knitwear but I have one more top up year to study BA (Hons) Fashion and Textiles specialising around Knitwear, which I am willing to work on my own brand and own collection this year. I see my design as a wearable art. I do like to use mixed technique and modernise the old to break the tradition rules. This is why I always design free hand with no rules or pattern;...

  77. Designer profile: Hayley Beckley Jewellery

    Hayley Beckley Jewellery

    Hayley is a compulsive maker, discoverer and dreamer. She seeks to explore the unique narrative quality of wearable art and its interaction with the human form.   Through her work, she attempts to narrate the importance of stories and communication; express a delight in and respect for the environment; and sensitively create positive connections to the world and the people around her.  

  78. Designer profile: Jennifer Rowand  

    Jennifer Rowand  


  79. Designer profile: Seoirse  


    Irish born Designer Seoirse Kavana grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He moved to London to study Menswear at the highly acclaimed University of Westminster. His urban upbringing has had a defined influence on his design aesthetic.   Previously interning at London Designers Hannah Marshall, Gemma Slack and Julien MacDonald he gained inspiration from dramatic Womenswear and has translated this through his edgy menswear....

  80. Designer profile: Heidi Pearl  Embroidery

    Heidi Pearl Embroidery

    I graduated from the Royal School of Needlework in 2014 and now have a degree in Hand Embroidery. After being traditionally trained in hand embroidery I now have an extensive knowledge of different styles and techniques of different stitches and embellishments.   I am a very creative individual with an eye for exquisite detail.   In past and present work I have gathered inspiration from many different points of...

  81. Designer profile: Jennifer Rose Norris Textile Designer

    Jennifer Rose Norris Textile Designer

    I am a Textile Designer who recently graduated from Chelsea college of Art and design. The inspiration for this work originates through the inspiration of bone formations combined with the application of deconstructed flower buds, displaying the movement of evolution and the relationship between mankind and nature within design.   The application of these pieces will reflect the use which textiles can have on a space, with the...

  82. Designer profile: Gemma Darby Graduate

    Gemma Darby Graduate

    I graduated from the University of Northampton with a 1st class BA HONS degree in Fashion, I am a womenswear designer that utilises print, knit, colour and interesting shape.   I draw inspiration for past and current, work and collections, from “the everyday”, places, sights and scenes.   The textiles and prints I produce often derive directly from my own images and photography.

  83. Designer profile: Leota New York

    Leota New York

    Founder Sarah Carson launched Leota in 2011 with her first spring collection. Retailers across the country quickly took notice of the line’s easy to wear fabrics and fashion-forward silhouettes. Inspired by the era of classic Hollywood glamour, Sarah Carson has crafted a line of dresses that infuse a touch of glamour into our everyday routines. What started with a pile of polka-dot fabric has become a complete women’s fashion...

  84. Designer profile: Antoine Peters   

    Antoine Peters  

    Antoine Peters graduated cum laude at the Art Academy in Arnhem as well at the master course Fashion Institute Arnhem. Known for his A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! project, a 2-person sweater with the goal to photograph as many ‘different kind of people’ as possible inside it, in a few years the fanatical football player gathered even more reputation with his pop-culture inspired designs and drew attention of the international...

  85. Designer profile: B'Jewelled Bridal Jewellery Designer

    B'Jewelled Bridal Jewellery Designer

    B'Jewelled Bridal creates bespoke handcrafted jewellery made with the finest vintage or diamante components adding Swarovski pearls and crystals. B'Unique, B'Traditional. B'Contemporary, with this range you will find a piece that suits every style and budget. I love creating bespoke pieces that reflect your personality and style. B'Jewelled Bridal - Jewellery designed with you in mind.

  86. Designer profile: Chloé Herrero Jewellery

    Chloé Herrero Jewellery

    The “Peferct Imperfection” collection explores the definition of perfection, focusing on the paradox of perfect imperfection. It explores the notion of how a circle, the most perfect form, can become imperfect or even more perfect by manipulating it.This concept is translated through the use of simple circular forms that are manipulated, distorted or distressed through a range of processes including reticulation, rolling and...

  87. Designer profile: Kaz Robertson Jewellery

    Kaz Robertson Jewellery

    Kaz is an award winning jewellery graduate of Edinburgh College of Art.   Setting up business in 2002, Kaz designs and makes her jewellery from her studio in Leith, Edinburgh. Mainly working with resin, she produces pieces by combining a bold colour palate with pattern.   Kaz exhibits and sells her work throughout the UK and internationally.  

  88. Designer profile: Rochaele Siobhan  

    Rochaele Siobhan  

    Rochaele Siobhan is a British emerging womenswear fashion designer whom graduated from The University for the Creative Arts with a Masters of Arts in fashion at the end of 2014.   Having had the privilege of working with some of the most respectable brands within the industry, Rochaele's own design inspiration is shaped by all things textural, architectural and cultural. Every design exudes femininity with an edge.

  89. Designer profile: Dead Legacy  

    Dead Legacy  

    Dead Legacy is a young, aspirational mens fashion label and offers high quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and underwear for the classier individual.  

  90. Designer profile: KhuKhuZ Fashion  

    KhuKhuZ Fashion  

    Beryl Phala is a Manchester based fashion designer. Her fashion brand KhuKhuZ specializes in bespoke and ready to wear range of ladies clothing, based on a distinct style that is produced in unique high quality fashion fabrics. Her unique designs are versatile, classic, timeless and make the wearer stand out from the crowd.   Khukhuz originality and appeal comes from unique fabric prints created exclusively for Khukhuz and a...

  91. Designer profile: Hattie Buzzard Graduate

    Hattie Buzzard Graduate

    My work aims to explore personal curiousities into human to object relationships. I am intrigued by what qualities encourage us to connect to a possession, and consequently deem them exempt from obsolescence.   I am fascinated by the qualities of colour - and how these can affect our emotions , feelings and experiences of our attire as well as our environment.

  92. Designer profile: Yirantian Guo  

    Yirantian Guo  

    Aspiring, optimistic hard-working design student with highly developed designs skills and drawing skills.   An original and strong conceptual thinker who is able to communicate clearly within a team, excellent attention to detail, good at making the patterns and samples.

  93. Designer profile: Jay Andrew Biscarra Graduate 2015

    Jay Andrew Biscarra Graduate 2015

    Fashion graduate in BA Fashion Design and Development at the London College of Fashion, specialized in Womenswear with a strong approach on minimilasm, incorporating mordern tailoring, juxtaposing classic silhouettes and playful details to create a sense of newness.

  94. Designer profile: MONOCHROME S/S 17


    Monochrome is a concept driven fashion label integrating visual arts with fashion Design

  95. Designer profile: Scarlet Etoile  

    Scarlet Etoile  

    Truly Unique through Individually crafted conscience, passionately presented in historical ecological ethics. 

  96. Designer profile: Becky Dockree Jewellery

    Becky Dockree Jewellery

    Becky’s jewellery is influenced by her passion for pattern, she use traditional etching techniques to create eye-catching designs, which conjure up many interpretations with different stories to be told.   The signature etched designs originate from a series of figurative paintings the designer created when she was studying at University. Every etched design is based on the female form, which have been manipulated to...

  97. Designer profile: Kelly Bull  

    Kelly Bull  

    I am a Northamptonshire based Fashion & Textile designer, who has a passion for exploring concepts within all aspects of the creative arts.   My most recent collection investigates the techniques and processes of liquid latex, which form a mould and a potential layer of fabric. With this I am able to mark make and construct garments, to suit those who dare to wear.   I enjoy the process of bringing together a...

  98. Designer profile: House of Charles Millinery

    House of Charles Millinery

    Janice a former Architect says her love of design and creativity became apparent as early as 5 years old, where she used to subject her poor dolls to hours of torture by wrapping fabric around the desperately trying to make them look like they was wearing fabulous creations.   In 2010 she entered a competition called who want to be a Millin-aire a millinery competition and was shocked and amazed and excited to be in the...

  99. Designer profile: Natividad Buitron  

    Natividad Buitron  

    Natividad Buitrón is a unique high end womenswear fashion brand that is tailored for the sophisticated woman who thoroughly understands quality. Since 2013, we provide unique garments that are both graceful, yet have a creative twist for the discerning clientele. The brand's goals are to create cutting-edge garments which have long-lasting purpose, due to their timeless design and their construction; and to produce collections...

  100. Designer profile: Georgina Adamson  

    Georgina Adamson  

    My aim is to have a career in the fashion industry eventually establishing my own fashion label and lines. During my degree I did an internship at Sierra Productions.   The company has manufacturing facilities and a boutique through which they sell evening garments and wedding dresses. They also make measure to wear. Working with them taught me customer management, office and industrial skills.   It also taught me...

  101. Designer profile: Sarah Still Textiles

    Sarah Still Textiles

    I am a Designer and creative consultant. I have studied at The Manchester School of Art and specialise in textile design, colour, illustration, photography and fashion.   I use the language of colour as a vehicle of communicating my concepts. My work explores a variety of themes, often related to the natural environment, organic forms and culture.   Within my work there is an ongoing theme of fascination with...

  102. Designer profile: Sian Greening Jewellery

    Sian Greening Jewellery

    My work is inspired by the very materials I work with. My love for textiles led me to create my own ‘masculine fabric’ using fine silk and cotton threads woven into mesh and metal. The process of creating this fabric has invoked a slight obsession and need to keep making that allows me to explore the relationship between the male and female aspects of my own personality and others around me, the duality of the genders that...

  103. Designer profile: 360 by Arayner Aisha  

    360 by Arayner Aisha  

    The 360 collection represents a hyper culture of expression behind covered dress and concealed IDENTITY.   Influenced by Nomadic lifestyles, the range is a random mix of dominant prints with pop coloured knits, creating an eclectic range of casual pieces.

  104. Designer profile: Gunsmoke and Lavender  

    Gunsmoke and Lavender  

    Gunsmoke and Lavender is a new menswear fashion brand introduced by creative director Jo Hawtree in 2010.   It pushes the boundaries of menswear, whilst maintaining a grounded basis in classic menswear tailoring. The work is a combination of extensive research into human emotion and associated colours to create conceptual and controversial one off pieces and small collections, juxtaposing, vice, virtue and portraying a true...

  105. Designer profile: Vicky Fallon  Illustration

    Vicky Fallon Illustration

    Vicky Fallon (Vicky Ink.) is a UK based, award winning illustrator and print designer.   Her career took off after graduating with a fashion degree in 2011 and quickly found herself building up a client list in various aspects from theatre to fashion. She divides her time working from her studio in the UK and travelling to LA where her international commitments continue to grow.   A freelance artist, illustrator...

  106. Designer profile: Sophie Davison  

    Sophie Davison  

    I'm a highly driven, creative and ambitious individual.   My work is curious and feminine. I have been naturally drawn to digital print design as I love being able to design every element of a garment. My inspiration comes from the old fashioned, twee, and out-dated, to create something beautiful, fresh, clean and intriguing.   I love the entire design process from research to realisation.

  107. Designer profile: Rebecca Little  

    Rebecca Little  

    British/Bermudian jeweller, Rebecca is an emerging contemporary jewellery designer, who graduated from UCA in Farnham, UK and from the Bishopsland Postgraduate Training Course, UK in 2007.   Her beautiful designs are inspired by delicate, flowing fabrics with their rich textures, agility and softness. She is fascinated with the relationship between textile and metal and this is clearly demonstrated in her intriguing collection...

  108. Designer profile: SUMARIE Couture Swimwear

    SUMARIE Couture Swimwear

    SUMARIE is the perfect place for fashion forward women to find chic and irresistible swimwear trends. Find stylish classic designs inspired by the 1960s French Riviera as well as on trend statement pieces. SUMARIE features luxurious bikinis, swimsuits, pareos, kaftans, beach bags and accessories.   With more than 12 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, Marie Su, the creative brains behind SUMARIE has worked for brands...

  109. Designer profile: Asia Prusinowska  

    Asia Prusinowska  

    I am a conceptual fashion designer and textile artist, who designs to communicate and tell stories. My creations are one-of-a-kind wearable art full of magic and fantasy, aiming to create an emotional connection that motivates and excites people.   The philosophy of my design process is based on psychology, the human body, emotions and original textile work. As an artist I use elements from a variety of art forms including...

  110. Designer profile: Arjan B  

    Arjan B  

    Accepting that all change is constant, Arjan B creates high quality, luxury eveningwear and bridalwear designed and made in England, UK.   Each creation incorporates sumptuous fabrics, structured technical tailoring, fluid draping and intricate artwork embroideries; all framed by stunning silhouettes. Creations are glamorous, yet approachable and comfortable.

  111. Designer profile: COe2 By Casper Oliver  

    COe2 By Casper Oliver  

    As a designer I explore through my label By Casper Oliver the use of CAD, creative pattern cutting and technological advances in manufacture to create unique products, launching with a bag range COE2. Having worked in all areas of the fashion industry from retail to design and production I have a comprehensive product knowledge and practical experience of managing the design process, coordinating various elements and working with...

  112. Designer profile: Etra Design House/ Pretty Disturbia  

    Etra Design House/ Pretty Disturbia  

    I have a long standing back ground in fashion- working as senior fashion/ textiles designers for John Lewis, The White Company, Nokia etc and Pr and Marketing Manager for the street wear brand Beck and Hersey before setting up my own business, Etra Design House.   I offer fashion design for mens streetwear/ accessories/ household textiles/ graphic design and Womens wear. I am also a very competent stylish having styled outfits...

  113. Designer profile: KJS COUTURE  


    Two women who were brought together through Sabrina’s sister in law by accident having worked in Colombia, South America for two years. We are fun, creative and love what we do, we are both a bit wacky and want to make a difference within fashion and let people feel free to explore their ideas.

  114. Designer profile: Charis Esther Embroidery & Jewellery Design

    Charis Esther Embroidery & Jewellery Design

    Charis Esther is a traditionally trained hand embroiderer with a passion for distinction and fairness within the fashion industry. Since graduating from her degree at the Royal School of Needlework in June 2015, Charis has been working as a freelance hand embroiderer. Her experiences in the field include; working with embroidery artists, stitching for fashion collections, film costume and ecclesiastical embroidery. Alongside this Charis...

  115. Designer profile: Galina Hnaticova  

    Galina Hnaticova  

    Galina is the new elegant fashion brand from the up-and-coming fashion designer, Galina Hnaticova. Fresh from Slovakia, Galina brings a breath of fresh air from the next generation of haute couture designers adding a new twist to the flights of fantasy in the secret world of the fashion elite.   This unknown designer’s collection showcases the perfect construction in how to design the future vintage avant...

  116. Designer profile: Simon & Simon  

    Simon & Simon  

    Simon and Simon are a brand dedicated to redefining the menswear essentials market.   The brand focuses on high quality staple pieces redefining them using the signature Simon and Simon Athletic Fit with gives an unparalleled fitted silhouette whist maintaining maximum comfort.

  117. Designer profile: Jo Garner Jewellery

    Jo Garner Jewellery

    Jeweller, Creative Leader and Freelance Artist with a passion for creativity and craft.

  118. Designer profile: Miss Jones  

    Miss Jones  

    Miss Jones is luxurious couture lingerie, created from a love of sensual fabrics, fine detail & vintage glamour by costume designer Jacqueline Jones. Jacqueline trained at The Bristol Old Vic theatre school in Bristol. A theatrical costumier who has styled period dramas for film and television, the collections are inspired by the luxury and sensuality of grander times. Photographs of burlesque starlets and actresses from the silver...

  119. Designer profile: Olivia Peszynski  

    Olivia Peszynski  

    Inspired by angular coloured architecture, and the formulas of the golden rectangle/fibonacci sequence. This collection utilises innovative pattern cutting.   The bonding and laser cutting of fabrics. Engraved fabric to create a checkered effect. fine pleating. Nylon and aluminium fabrics.

  120. Designer profile: Harry Cunnew Illustration

    Harry Cunnew Illustration

    My name is Harry Cunnew and I am an illustrator focusing on fashion and comic style. I use a mixture of traditional and digital methods to create my pieces mainly using marker pens and gel pens. I am inspired by artists such as Jason Brooks and J. Scott Campbell for their graphic natures and bold colour choices. 

  121. Designer profile: Rustic Dove Designs Jewellery

    Rustic Dove Designs Jewellery

    Hi there! All jewellery is designed and made by me, Alison McIlkenny. I create unique, wearable works of art that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.   Mission To design original handcrafted jewellery which is unique in taste and texture. Each item is to be one of a kind Art Jewellery, which is handcrafted from start to finish. The jewellery is to be affordable and beautiful. 

  122. Designer profile: Lisa Junor  

    Lisa Junor  

    Lisa Junor is a scottish fashion designer who graduated with a 2.1 BA (hons) in Fashion Design at Grays School of Art in July 2013. She specializes in garment construction and design for bespoke and ready to wear. Lisa is continuously looking to collaborate with creative individuals to gain awareness and lasting relationships.Lisa seeks to apply quality fabrics and intricate finishing’s to her designs to ensure the best outcome for...

  123. Designer profile: Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery  Jewellery

    Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery Jewellery

    Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery is on online jewellery boutique specialising in vintage jewellery. Gemstone rings, crystal necklaces, geometric, bird jewellery, vintage lockets, dinosaurs to astronauts and space shuttle necklaces, they are all handmade in the UK. 

  124. Designer profile: Natalie Lines Illustration

    Natalie Lines Illustration

    Natalie Lines is an Illustrator from England/Birmingham, she mainly specialises in fashion illustration, observing trends and Designers. 

  125. Designer profile: LOGUE London  

    LOGUE London  

    In January 2012, Emma Logue launched LOGUE London, a luxury fashion label that provides effortlessly chic clothing for the stylish girl about town.   The brand is defined by fun, sexy and sophisticated pieces made in England from the finest fabrics.Each dress had different collar and sleeve styles and fabric covered buttons and belts.   They also featured unexpected flashes of colour on kick pleats and inside...

  126. Designer profile: Faulkner London  

    Faulkner London  

    Faulkner London is a premium menswear brand that incorporates simple design with interesting details and a wink to the past - lovingly crafted locally in London, England. We are an alternative to fast-fashion. Few other menswear brands manufacture exclusively in London. Making products locally we are able to work closely with our manufacturers, ensuring quality craftsmanship and fairness with workers. The raw materials are also of the...

  127. Designer profile: Ashley Love  

    Ashley Love  

    I am a freelance fashion designer and fashion illustrator specializing in activewear, maternity, swimwear, and casual ready-to-wear.   Design skills include flat sketching, drawing and rendering original illustrations, etc. Computer skills include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Office.

  128. Designer profile: VIRTUE  


    The Virtue adventure began in 2012, when University of Leeds graduate Jasmine Virtue decided to set up her own label. The brand focuses on soft jersey pieces with an emphasis on hand finished details such as dip-dyeing and graphic prints.

  129. Designer profile: Velvet Johnstone  

    Velvet Johnstone  

    Frocks and stuff girls love...

  130. Designer profile: Charlie Booty  

    Charlie Booty  

    I am an innovative and creative womenswear, knitwear and textiles designer, coming fresh into the industry after successfully showing my final collection at Graduate Fashion Week.

  131. Designer profile: Silvia Fado Shoe Designer

    Silvia Fado Shoe Designer

    For my latest collection, Kinetic Traces, I was intrigued by the relationship between the movement of the body and Fashion footwear design on the one hand, and high performance Sports footwear and body movement on the other. I wanted to explore the philosophical and aesthetic consequences of changing the dynamic of that relationship.

  132. Designer profile: Ellis Mhairi Cameron Jewellery

    Ellis Mhairi Cameron Jewellery

    My work is concerned with the natural landscape’s ability to trigger memory and emotion. In order to give my research a sense of visual concreteness, I document the surroundings of my family environment in the rural West Coast of Scotland as it elicits potent memories. I consider connotations of home, shelter and dwelling, using water as a visual metaphor for transience. Water holds a sense of duality as it dies and is constantly...

  133. Designer profile: Rosie Hofman Jewellery

    Rosie Hofman Jewellery

    Rosie May is an adventurous designer-maker who thrives on being original in approach, creating unique treasures. She creates jewellery using modern technologies alongside traditional and ancient crafts. Sentiment and meaning are embedded in the design whilst capturing a conceptual thread. The work is spontaneous yet controlled; exploring contrast with symmetry and the apparent randomness of pattern in nature.

  134. Designer profile: Kayleigh Norman Graduate 2011

    Kayleigh Norman Graduate 2011

    I am a fashion designer who graduated from the University of Northampton in 2011 obtained a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. Whilst studying for my degree I designed from concepts to illustration and created a collection. My final year collection is sponsored by Dr Martens.    Fashion to me is creating a personality, I aim to create collections that are contemporary and express my creativity by pushing the boundaries...

  135. Designer profile: Aduu Juma Masudi  

    Aduu Juma Masudi  

    The New Pachucos is a high end Autumn/Winter (12/13) menswear collection. It represents the true image of the Pachucos with a modern and contemporary twist, incorporating inspirational ideas from the Zoot Suit to the works of Picasso.

  136. Designer profile: Chiara Pavan Graduate 2014

    Chiara Pavan Graduate 2014

    Chiara Pavan is an accessories designer based in London.   She graduated from the MA Fashion Artefact course at the London College of Fashion in 2014 after studying Accessories, Jewellery and Textiles Design at the Italian University Politecnico of Milan. She obtained the certification in Granulation, reticulation and fusing with silver at Central Saint Martin, Shoe Pattern cutting at Central Saint Martin, Small leather...

  137. Designer profile: Lisa Pek  

    Lisa Pek  

    Lisa Pek is a high-end menswear designer, specialised in tailoring & knitwear- design. Born in Carinthia / Austria, based in both London / UK and AT. Influenced by nature, values of tradition and customs, Lisa Pek challenges tradition against experiment, native and modern. Her signature is wearable, well-cut men’s fashion with a subtle depth. Lisa Pek’s approach to fashion is the exploration and definition of...

  138. Designer profile: ATILEA  


    I am a contemporary jewellery artist currently studying BA Jewellery and Accessories at Middlesex University with a strong interest in experimenting, installations and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. I have been fond of jewellery making since childhood but after few “questionable” decisions by a younger version of me I decided to pursuit another career path. Almost a decade...

  139. Designer profile: Stacie Clark  

    Stacie Clark  

    I have recently graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a degree in fashion. Having spent my final year learning and exploring the possibilities of knit and crochet, I plan to continue developing my skills and experimenting within this specialism, whilst establishing my contemporary knitwear brand; Monotonic. Not wishing to contribute to mass production, or getting sucked into the fast fashion cycle, I'm currently learning...

  140. Designer profile: Sonia Bienek Graduate

    Sonia Bienek Graduate

    Studied Fashion Textiles at Middlesex University, specialising in Print for Fashion.   I concentrate on re-designing the usual use of printed fabric and the movement it creates.   I do this by manipulating fabric through embroidery, laser cutting, embellishment, draping and clashing different weights of fabric.

  141. Designer profile: Who Dares Wears   

    Who Dares Wears  

    WhoDaresWears is an independent UK clothing brand founded and conceived by Chris Jepson back in 2008 and consists of a small group of like-minded individuals who create, design and print clothing which is not defined by any one particular style nor has a particular market in mind.   Here at WhoDaresWears we follow our own path – Our inspiration comes from numerous influences from the 90’s subculture of London to...

  142. Designer profile: Laurie Maun  

    Laurie Maun  

    I care particularly for surface decoration be it embroidery or knit, I have a huge amount of patience when creating something beautiful.   With colour and texture being the main threads that run through each project I attempt to create a collection of unique, high-end fashion garments.

  143. Designer profile: Loud Culture  

    Loud Culture  

    Designers Ashley-Rae Tapping and Abi Fashesin both originate from African descent but finding it hard to mix traditional vibrant prints with their every day contemporary wear, this inspired them to take matters into their own hands.   Ashley-Rae and Abi gained inspiration from art and history, leading them on to produce an african inspired contemporary line, representing a modern woman in the New Age...

  144. Designer profile: Begada Jewellery

    Begada Jewellery

    BEGADA develops hand stitched intricate Jewelry pieces by using Austrian crystal components & elements which are exclusively developed & globally sourced for the collection. The very essence of BEGADA is to create exquisite embellished, showcasing breathtaking embroidery & other techniques. UTILIZING HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS, generally found only in high-priced brands.

  145. Designer profile: Mary Larkin  

    Mary Larkin  

    A keen fashion creative with an attentiveness to new innovation and well fitted, clean cut fashion.   Enjoy using a combination of contrasting concepts, fabrics, colours, textures etc. resulting in well-balanced juxtapositions. Interested in high-quality products and open to creative styling / photography.

  146. Designer profile: Alice's Pig  

    Alice's Pig  

    Alice's Pig is a new fashion brand from Brixton in South London, inspired by vintage style and Alice in Wonderland. Founded in May 2013 by sibling duo Amanda and Nicolai, Alice’s Pig designs all its collections in London and has an additional office in Shanghai.   The brand image comes from our love for Alice in Wonderland, where crazy is normal. The name is a reminder that colliding styles and cultures can produce...

  147. Designer profile: Taylor & Hart Jewellery

    Taylor & Hart Jewellery

    Diamonds In Africa is an ethical online retailer of fine diamond jewellery, bespoke jewellery design and loose diamonds - always retailing at up to 40% less than traditional high street stores.   All our diamonds are ethically sourced from Africa and polished in the world’s main diamond centres. Every diamond includes an original GIA certificate and free shipping to any global destination. We offer our products and...

  148. Designer profile: SLC SLC  

    SLC SLC  

    Sarah’s work & experience has given her an ethical & artistic model to work to when creating locally sourced and low impact wear.   Most recently, she has had the pleasure to work as a Casual Costumier, after being chosen for a work experience programme for The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. The operas she worked on included Tannhauser, Adriana Lecouvreur & Anna Nicole. This work gave her vital...

  149. Designer profile: White Winters Jewellery

    White Winters Jewellery

    Co –Founders Clare Whitehead (White) and Emma Winterhalder (Winters) launched their first collection of their jewellery range in October 2012 with a range of affordable, bespoke edgy designs.   The self confessed holiday junkies get their inspiration from their cultural globe-trotting experiences and share the same love and obsession for unique jewellery that is quirky, fun and wearable for men and women of all...

  150. Designer profile: Doherty Evans & Stott  

    Doherty Evans & Stott  

    Doherty, Evans & Stott is an independent luxury menswear brand and tailoring service based in Manchester, England.   We specialise in sourcing the highest quality fabrics and craftmanship possible and presenting them in seasonal off the peg collections, as well as offering them to you as exclusive personally tailored garments.We strive to offer something we and our customers believe in – truly individual modern...

  151. Designer profile: Cabbage Is King Jewellery

    Cabbage Is King Jewellery

    In the tradition of contemporary art jewellery, Greig’s approach to design is comparable to an artist; his creations intentionally convey a concept or idea, which is beyond and in addition to the inherent beauty of the materials.   Each piece can be seen as both a miniature work of art and a precious piece of jewellery.

  152. Designer profile: William Ovenden  Embroidery

    William Ovenden Embroidery

    "Having graduated from the Royal School of Needlework with a BA (Hons) degree in Hand Embroidery, I have a sound knowledge and understanding of the technical skills and techniques involved in traditional embroidery and surface embellishment. I have further developed these into a broader contemporary skill set through my own personal exploration of the techniques, and these can be applied to a wide breadth of pathways. During my degree...

  153. Designer profile: MATTER MATTERS Accessories

    MATTER MATTERS Accessories

    MATTER MATTERS aims to create bold graphical, stylish, high quality accessories. Our signature design aesthetic is taking classical shape of traditional fashion accessory, yet adding quiet feeling of innovation under an elegant exterior on it. The designer Flora L. is a graphic and accessory designer. She did a graphic design degree, gained a title of the outstanding student of the year in the Birmingham City University before coming...

  154. Designer profile: Shivani Chavda  

    Shivani Chavda  

    Print design to me is an art that can transform a garment into a masterpiece. I treat all of my designs in this way and pay meticulous attention to detail in all that I do.   Seeing fashion as wearable art, I start all my projects with a story in mind, and the hand made prints I create unravel the story piece by piece on the garments I design.

  155. Designer profile: Emanuela Aureli Jewellery

    Emanuela Aureli Jewellery

    I am an object maker. I work out of need to give shape to my feelings and ground them in matter. Metal inspires my work as a material..... solid, hard, sometimes heavy, yet so soft, its flowing into liquid, the melting into a new form...   My jewelrywork is a constant fascination with minimal shapes and movement, their relationship of color to metal into a continuing questioning of the wearable.

  156. Designer profile: Berenik  


    Veronika Brusa (born in 1983) is reserved creator who likes to pull back in order to deeply immerse herself in her work. She finds inspiration in unfamiliar surroundings, away from everyday routine and habitual patterns of behaviour, in places with a view of life and the world that is as free as possible.

  157. Designer profile: Vita Gottlieb  

    Vita Gottlieb  

    Vita Gottlieb is an emerging womenswear label with a focus on graphic print, subtle use of colour and innovative paneling.   Established by talented young designer Vita Gottlieb, a Londoner with wanderlust and a multiplicitous approach to art and life.

  158. Designer profile: Bethany Clarke Graduate

    Bethany Clarke Graduate

    I am a Fashion graduate from the University of Northampton. I have a passionate interest in concept and design with a fascination in the development of 2D into 3D.   I have experience in many areas of the fashion industry, such as pattern cutting; design; illustration and behind the scenes at national fashion shows for catwalk preparation.   I have skills and knowledge essential for conceiving ideas and developing...

  159. Designer profile: Emi Jewellery Jewellery

    Emi Jewellery Jewellery

    We are a bohemian jewellery brand inspired by the Far East keeping ethical issues in mind such as - Climate change, Ethical working policies & NO child labour. We love summer festivals, dancing amongst the trees & running barefooted in the sand.

  160. Designer profile: Nina Burton  
  161. Designer profile: HoMingLi Jewellery

    HoMingLi Jewellery

    Ho-Ming Li was born in Hong Kong and now lives and works in London. Li creates bespoke handmade jewellery which draws inspirations from the Ancient Egyptian, Greek mythology, Surrealist artists to his very own personal artwork from sketches, drawings and paintings.

  162. Designer profile: Louise Leighton Graduate

    Louise Leighton Graduate

    I moved to Switzerland when I was 12 and lived there until I returned to the UK in 2006 to take A' Levels. My parents still live in, Basel, Switzerland where I return for holidays. I enjoy city life, but also very much like the outdoors life and spending time in the Alps. Living abroad has given me the love of travel and seeing new places and cultures.   In my spare time I love to ski, cook and dance. Now graduating I look...

  163. Designer profile: Josephine Anthony Sweden

    Josephine Anthony Sweden


  164. Designer profile: Anne Morgan Jewellery

    Anne Morgan Jewellery

    Anne Morgan has won Silver in the Jewellery and Precious Metals category of the Craft and Design Selected Awards 2013!

  165. Designer profile: Frank Luckham Jewellery

    Frank Luckham Jewellery

    Frank graduated with a Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours Degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery. His work is predominately influenced by the Modernist and Minimalist Art Movements of the 20th Century, including the works of Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and Donald Judd.

  166. Designer profile: Eva Di Franco 2enty26

    Eva Di Franco 2enty26

    I am a postgraduate from London College of Fashion, with a Certificate in Creative Pattern Cutting. Throughout my studies I undertook different intern experiences both in Florence and London. I was assisting designers like Yang Li and Felicity Brown.
My collaboration with five textile companies in Kyoto gave me an understanding of traditional Japanese techniques of fabric dyeing. I fell in love with japanese culture. i ended up eating...

  167. Designer profile: Emma MacLeod Jewellery

    Emma MacLeod Jewellery

    Emma MacLeod is a Scottish based contemporary jeweller. Working from her workshop in Fife she uses construction and fabrication methods to create small scale structures for the body. Mainly taking inspiration from Dundee's docked rig legs.

  168. Designer profile: AGA Couture London  

    AGA Couture London  

    "AGA Couture London is a fashion brand created by Agnieszka Klaput. London-based Polish designer launched her first collection at London Fashion Week 2014 Her passion, devotion and ardour is to create and develop beautiful, elegant and feminine clothes for modern and stylish women. Luxurious fabrics, earthy colours and limitless creativity is the signature of the AGA Couture look. The collections consist of unique ready to...

  169. Designer profile: Bo Carter   

    Bo Carter  

    Bo Carter is a unique, independent fashion brand, creating contemporary garments with quirkiness for forward thinking, stylish women and men worldwide.

  170. Designer profile: Plusthirtynine  


    Plusthirtynine brand name comes from the international Italian dialling code +39 and underlines the brand’s international background. The logo is a windrose, an old fashioned compass, inspired by the idea of an Italian woman in love with travelling around the globe.

  171. Designer profile: Ming-Pin Tien  

    Ming-Pin Tien  

    Ming-Pin Tien completed an MA degree of Fashion Desgin & Technology- Womenswear, awarded by one of the most creative art school- London College of Fashion. Originally from Taipei Taiwan, Ming has devoted himself in fashion design enthusiastically for 9 years, which includes 18 months working as a professional full-time visual merchandiser in an influential fashion boutique based in Taipei, and another 6 months assisting an emerging...

  172. Designer profile: MICROCOSMOS  


    MICROCOSMOS was born as a brand in 2008, with the first collection designed by Alicia Monereo and her team. In order to achieve an accurate interpretation of the Parisian fashions of the 1930s, Alicia travelled across the “City of Light” to devour as many available fashion magazines and other illustrative materials from that era and from these, she created her first sketches.   It is after two years of carefully...

  173. Designer profile: Paulne Bloomfield Textiles

    Paulne Bloomfield Textiles

    I would class my work as narrative, an illustrative/storytelling form of textile art. I originally trained as an illustrator and this has always been the bedrock of my work with fabric. I consider myself fortunate to be able to make a living from doing something I have enjoyed since childhood.   I enjoy all aspects of my work, it has taken me to various parts of the country and some my work is owned by private collectors in...

  174. Designer profile: Anjali D’Souza Graduate

    Anjali D’Souza Graduate

    My name is Anjali D’Souza I am a London based printed textile designer. Since graduating with a BA (Hons) in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art & Design where I specialised in digital and printed textile, I have continued to develop my creative design skills through a varied range of work experience in commercial companies, contemporary design houses and textile companies; from Alexander McQueen, Peter Jensen and the...

  175. Designer profile: Sandra Palmer Lingerie

    Sandra Palmer Lingerie

    Louise Ferdinand Lingerie and 1st Man Underwear are designed by Sandra Palmer Graduate of The World enowned Contour Degree at De Montfort University in Leicester.   After graduating from DMU she decided to take the time to hone her Lingerie design and technical skill base including hand drafting and grading all her patterns to create garments with the perfect fit. Which combined perfectly with...

  176. Designer profile: George Styler  

    George Styler  

    George Styler was born In the Land of Blood and Honey, but he has spent most of his life in Belgrade Serbia where he currently resides. His collection is based in London.   Graduated from College of Textile – Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade, holds a diploma in apparel design and textile design.

  177. Designer profile: Nicole Anson Textiles

    Nicole Anson Textiles

    I’m a printed textile designer living in greater London. Having recently graduated from University studying Printed Textile Design, I am now looking for employment/work experience in the creative industry, designing print and patterns for fashion and interiors. I am very passionate about design and love anything creative. I have excellent illustration and hand sketching skill as well as a fine hand for embellishment.   As...

  178. Designer profile: Typical Freaks  

    Typical Freaks  

    Conceptual street wear, made with love.   TYPICAL FREAKS is a fun and fashion forward street wear brand based in London. Many of our products are produced in very limited quantities using hand made, artisinal techniques.

  179. Designer profile: Priscilla Rivera PR Design & Creative

    Priscilla Rivera PR Design & Creative

    My work and experience has been a journey from pencil on paper to fabric on skin. Starting as a child in fine art,I realized my affinity while drawing,painting,crafting and the usual school - art- projects.   Once my mother taught me to crochet,sew (manually) and needle point, I soon had my own "craft table" workstation at daycare. At this time my collection of Barbie dolls were dawning miniature couture,as I became...

  180. Designer profile: Lulu Liu  

    Lulu Liu  

    LULU LIU originally from China, lived in Japan for 6 years before moving to the UK in 2008 to study at the renowned London College of Fashion.   LULU LIU designs have had an overwhelming response, with features in acclaimed publications such ‘Vogue’, ‘ELLE’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’. Along with collaboration with hair brand TIGI, LULU LIU has gained interest from both buyers and press...

  181. Designer profile: Rachel Trattles  

    Rachel Trattles  

    Envisioning the future of materials, bio-design and body adornment, my work explores how our skin will need protection to cope with changing environmental conditions. I aim to address issues of sustainability in a world of finite resources. I am heavily influenced by biological systems of growth, using DIY-Bio techniques to grow and harvest my pieces from my bedroom laboratory. 

  182. Designer profile: Eunice YH Kuo Jewellery

    Eunice YH Kuo Jewellery

    Ying-Hsien Kuo (also known as Eunice Kuo) is a contemporary jewellery & object designer maker from Taiwan. She is currently based in the UK.   Eunice owns a bachelor degree in Philosophy, which has positive influence on her design with a sense of humanity. It is her wish that her design with joy will help building up the rapport among people.

  183. Designer profile: Anna Voss Jewellery

    Anna Voss Jewellery

    Anna Voss is a jewellery designer/maker based in London. Her main interest lies in bespoke contemporary silver jewellery. She creates a variety of jewellery items but focuses on pendants, rings, bangles and silver wire chains. Every piece is a hand-crafted, one-off item.

  184. Designer profile: Nicole Leech Jewellery

    Nicole Leech Jewellery

    All Nico Ni jewellery is hand crafted by Nicole herself.   Each piece is personally designed and is made to enhance the personality of the owner.   This enables each design to have a chic glow that will become a treasured item.

  185. Designer profile: Karen Smith Jewellery

    Karen Smith Jewellery

    My name is Karen Smith. I’m a Scottish jewellery designer /maker based in Dundee.   I create narrative jewellery which is quirky but also has a personal touch. Each piece I make is treated like a story book burying secret meanings beneath the surface.

  186. Designer profile: LNER Design  

    LNER Design  

    Hey my name is Lauren Natasha Eastwood-Roberts and I am an independent designer. I love to explore anything I can get my hands on and I am known to not turn my nose up at anything. My interests include tattoos, piercings and exploring my wildest thoughts. I love to use unusual material when designing i.e. cleaning products, nappies, sanitary towels. I thrive on using the unusual materials and making garments so they look unrecognizable...

  187. Designer profile: Egle Sidisk  

    Egle Sidisk  

    I am an ambitious, committed and hard working BA(Hons) Fashion Design graduate. I specialise in womenswear, but also have some experience in footwear and textiles.   My designs are often very feminine yet quirky. I love to work with shape, colour and embellishment. I draw inspiration from day to day life, places I visit, things I see and very often the nature. Illustrating is one of my favourite stages in the design...

  188. Designer profile: Marie Brown   

    Marie Brown  

    I love fashion, Makeup , Hair and Modelling. Identify myself as a Proverbial Woman. I am a Confident individual and have exceptional ability through sketching skills towards the fashion design element. I work hard because I know nothing is easy in life, "got to put your foot down and WORK".   I conduct myself professionally and always have a positive mind towards anything I do. The Fashion...

  189. Designer profile: kaNASHKA  


    kaNASHKA is a women's luxury ready to wear fashion label, launched in 2012 by Kana Shirouchi and Studio MasaChuka Ltd in London.     In 2012 Kana and Masahiko, who is owner of Studio MasaChuka, started working together and launched kaNASHKA. All the collections are created and managed by Studio MasaChuka Ltd which is a sewing studio making high quality garments in London.

  190. Designer profile: V & Urchin  

    V & Urchin  

    V & Urchin is a Manchester (UK) based Finnish- English fashion label previously known as Cats of Manchester which was formed by Valpuri Vihriala and Katie Mason in 2011. The label is currently designing and producing knitwear, handmade garments and accessories. It is also trading handpicked vintage items and reworked fashion.

  191. Designer profile: Cecelia Frank  

    Cecelia Frank  

    Josie's graduate collection was a luxury swimwear collection with printed accessories and bags.   She is fascinated by all the new technologies available to the design industry and how we use them. Her collection was wholly digital and it’s key feature was the use of photoshop to merge and enhance mostly reptile skin and architecture outline with abstract painting at the background to create unique prints.

  192. Designer profile: PPD Jewellery Jewellery

    PPD Jewellery Jewellery

    PPD Jewellery is the work of Rachel Robinson, a British trained designer maker who lives and works in Gozo, Malta.   Ready to wear designs include the award winning range of sterling silver jewellery inspired by traditional lace making, and pieces involving recycled silver and other materials.   Commissions, large scale work and catwalk pieces are created on request. 

  193. Designer profile: Cailline Lea Jewellery

    Cailline Lea Jewellery

    I consider myself more of an Applied Artist than Jeweller. I make body adornment pieces using materials that are not usually associated with jewellery or headpieces. My work reflects my keen interests in fashion and technology, body adornment and structure. I have used a variety of different methods of manufacture and researched and experimented with new materials in each of my collections.   I take my inspiration from pattern...

  194. Designer profile: Caiti Betterton  

    Caiti Betterton  

    Caiti Betterton is a recent BA Hons Fashion graduate from the Manchester School of Art and is currently based in the North-West. Now working as a freelance designer and stylist, she has had her work published in various magazines and online. Betterton is also working as a Social Media Manager for Halton Mill Studios and is part of the Manchester Fashion Week team.

  195. Designer profile: Lacquer Embassy  

    Lacquer Embassy  

    Lacquer is a surface coating provided by a craftsman as a final finishing touch. It resonates the words ‘polished’ & ‘finished’. The word ‘embassy’ denotes a space that contains what I love the most: a menagerie of my creations, accoutrements and thoughts, all brought together in a single institution. This space is here to make you a part of my ‘universe’. 

  196. Designer profile: Knitwear by Chelyabinsk  

    Knitwear by Chelyabinsk  

    We produce the special irreproducible knit fashions, equipped with of utterly novel kind of cloth/knit fastener. The fastener can lie not only through the straight line (like a zipper), but also through the lines of any crookedness. It is organic on every sorts of clothing. It is not a foreign thing on clothes being produced of the same material as knit\cloth warp. The fastener has a decorative knit fixer (the stop). Unfastening is swift...

  197. Designer profile: Becky Dodman  

    Becky Dodman  

    I am a knitwear designer based in South Devon. I use contemporary artists for initialinspirations for my knitwear collections. Recent artists used have included Seraphine De Senlis and Hunderwasser.   I enjoy using fair isle, cabling and pointelle techniques in my work. I use both local wool that has been hand-dyed by myself, alongside commercially available yarns.   Personally I'm a highly optimistic,...

  198. Designer profile: Liz Black  

    Liz Black  

    Conceptual statement pieces for the modern fashionista. The Liz Black label reflects conceptual creativity with a minimal and elegant aesthetic. Its focus is on wearable statement pieces with a timeless appeal, emphasising chic and impeccably tailored structures that complement the feminine silhouette. The Liz Black woman is sophisticated, elegant and cosmopolitan. A daring dresser, she is independent, empowered and fashion-forward....

  199. Designer profile: BARJIS London  

    BARJIS London  

    Barjis is an intelligent luxury fashion brand. In it’s short life it has captured an International audience for it’s refreshing take on luxury high fashion. The fusion of Eastern cultural values with the Western cut and prints have made this brand stand out from the crowd. The label is well known for their signature vibrant prints on their scarves and clothing.

  200. Designer profile: Fox Hunt  

    Fox Hunt  

    Introducing Fox Hunt Menswear, the luxury, bespoke knitwear brand creating one-off handmade garments to suit individual men’s needs. A smart choice for the dapper, modern gentleman looking for quality, traditional knitwear that promises a timeless style.   Knitted in England each stitch is made by the hands of experienced craftsmen using techniques dating back from the 20th Century to ensure the highest quality. Always...

  201. Designer profile: Hero&Cape  


    Hero&Cape is a new British clothing label, bringing you T-shirts that feature creative hand drawn graphics and are individually printed to order. We strive to bring you products that are unique and different and Hero&Cape is driven by clothing that is as unique to you as a superhero's cape!   All our designs are hand drawn in-house and incorporate all the creativity and imagination we can squeeze out of our...

  202. Designer profile: Tina Lobondi  

    Tina Lobondi  

    Tina Lobondi established her eponymous label in Notting Hill. Her collections are based on exceptional attention to details and finish, classic and chic designs. Elegance with timeless style is the aim she wants to achieve. The fabrics and materials are sourced from all around the world, Mauritania to Paris and London.

  203. Designer profile: Lisan Ly Accessories

    Lisan Ly Accessories

    British designer creates luxury products with rich colours, bold prints and beautiful embellishments. This luxury womenswear & accessories brand uses premium fabrics and trims sourced from around the world. We aim to create statement pieces and items which add personality to your wardrobe.   Inspiration is drawn from travelling, cultures, nature and architecture.

  204. Designer profile: Anita Nemkyova  

    Anita Nemkyova  

    Slovak-born designer Anita Nemkyova is the point where Arts and Crafts collide. Prior to fashion, her background was in costume and theatre design where she gained not only the knowledge of garment construction, but also developed a ‘sixth sense’ for the body-garment relationship.

  205. Designer profile: Sofia Dourvari  

    Sofia Dourvari  

    My passion for fashion design started when I was five years old. I was influenced by theatrical costumes and corseted dresses initially, but soon moved onto more modern shapes. I have always wanted to design clothes that flatter the female figure. As I was brought up in Greece, my designs are heavily influenced by Mediterranean styles, as well as the elements and Greek architecture, as the main feature of many of my pieces is the...

  206. Designer profile: Lianna Sheppard  

    Lianna Sheppard  

    Fashion Graduate Lianna Sheppard created Ocular after completing her MA in 2010, she began by experimenting with laser cutting, something she had be intrigued by at University, to create Jewellery made from Acrylic.   Her wide range of designs then followed, each inspired by the concept of optical illusions, where through a trick of the eye, a flat object has the visual illusion of being 3D and available in a range of...

  207. Designer profile: Holly Spencer  

    Holly Spencer  

    “Budding fashionista with a unique and creative vision.”   The people I meet, the places I travel; everything that my eyes absorb adds an element to my creations. The style that I deliver is intricate, elegant and beautiful. As they say ‘the devil is in the detail’ and with every garment that I make this is always the focus of my approach. I regularly become immersed with my designs which are often...

  208. Designer profile: Rob Elford Jewellery

    Rob Elford Jewellery

    Rob Elford is an award winning designer of jewellery and wearable art. His‬ jewellery pieces have been exhibited to acclaim in galleries in London and across Europe.‭ His first collection,‭ ‬Hoodoo Botanica,‭ ‬was awarded the‭ ‬Preziosa Young‭ ‬2013‭ ‬jewellery designer prize by the Italian Academy of Jewellery.‭   Rob completed an MA in Digital Fashion at the London College of Fashion in February ‬2012‭ ‬for which he was...

  209. Designer profile: Roseanna Maria Jiggins  

    Roseanna Maria Jiggins  

    Roseanna Maria Jiggins is a UK based Surface Pattern Designer. She is inspired by seductive secret gardens, fantastical flora and fauna, coastlines and buildings, history of pattern and colour! She is inspired by contemporary and traditional craft, historical ornament and uses these elements throughout her work. She has created designs for her own lingerie and swimwear and provides surface patterns as well as a bespoke surface pattern...

  210. Designer profile: Felicity Gray  

    Felicity Gray  

    Graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2011, Felicity Gray is a womenswear designer with sharp attention to detail, cut and silhouette and an instinctive love for colour.

  211. Designer profile: REIN  


    REIN presents an Innovative women’s fashion house: A fusion of international style, quality and innovation, built upon a contemporary and forward thinking design approach.   Based in London, the brand offers the wearer the ultimate in statement, one-of-a-kind design. 

  212. Designer profile: Angela Federico  

    Angela Federico  

    Angela Federico studied at London’s Cordwainers.   Angela makes one off and original handprinted t-shirts and tote bags; all with a unisex appeal.

  213. Designer profile: Carrie-ann Stein  

    Carrie-ann Stein  

    Lancashire-born and London-based, Carrie graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2013 with a First Class BA Honours in Fashion Design with Knit.   Inspired by the double meanings she observes in regular street signs Carrie-Ann Stein returns to a vivid colour palette, displaying her distinctive prints on digitally printed, laminated, and dyed-flocked fabrics, referencing industrial PVC wall banners...

  214. Designer profile: Robin Tabari  

    Robin Tabari  

    Robin Tabari is a british menswear brand, consisting of contemporary menswear t-shirts.   Established in the summer of 2012 , the first ‘white’ collection showcases three ranges of abstract, colour and inspiration, bringing exclusive tailored slim tshirts and style to the UK.   Each product is designed with a modern twist of unique, yet sophisticated styles.   We pride ourselves in...

  215. Designer profile: Laura Teasdale Graduate

    Laura Teasdale Graduate

    Laura Teasdale is a menswear fashion designer from Kingston University. Laura is driven and passionate about creating and developing new and innovative ideas. Enjoys expressing creativity in multiple mediums, from fashion to print design, whilst maintaining integrity and individuality. Has a tenacious and disciplined nature and is focused on achieving set goals; whilst having the ability to confidently generate new concepts and look at...

  216. Designer profile: Veronika Persché Textiles

    Veronika Persché Textiles

    Veronika Persché, of Vienna, creates extraordinary fabric structures with the help of a computer-driven knitting machine. Combining materials and altering the design, she can create a variety of different effects from the same starting point. Her fabrics range from the organic to high glamour and are very often. Persché rarely creates her own garments; rather, she works closely with a variety of different clothing designers,...

  217. Designer profile: Jenny Llewellyn Jewellery

    Jenny Llewellyn Jewellery

    Jenny Llewellyn is a jewellery designer-maker based at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London.   Inspired by the luminous colours, shapes and movement of underwater life, Jenny’s work is characterised by handcrafted, organic forms of precious metals, combined with vibrant bursts of silicone.

  218. Designer profile: Charlotte Haggerty  

    Charlotte Haggerty  

    'Bunny And The Wolf' is created by Charlotte Haggerty, a Brighton based womenswear designer inspired by 1980's power dressing, grim fairytales, vintage styling and geometric designs. A lover of texture and monochrome she uses a simple colour palette but combines contrasting graphic prints, stripes and polka dots to create striking yet wearable ensembles.

  219. Designer profile: Jewellery by Lucy Jayne Jewellery

    Jewellery by Lucy Jayne Jewellery

    My name is Lucy. I design and handmake jewellery in my home base studio in Lancashire. Every item is completely unique and made from sterling silver which are all hallmarked by the Sheffield Assay Office. I also use Swarovski crystals beads and semiprecious gemstones. All items are made to order so there may be slight variations to each piece, which I think adds to the whole meaning of the word (hand crafted). As I make to order I will...

  220. Designer profile: KELLI MCGUINNESS  



  221. Designer profile: Veiled Rebel Jewellery

    Veiled Rebel Jewellery

    I am the sole designer for the jewellery brand Veiled Rebel. This is bold, beautiful, eclectic and vibrant jewellery, with a rebellious twist. It absolutely bursts with colour and features fun and playful combinations.   I love experimenting with texture and use materials such as wood, bone, feathers, glass and leather. Chunky charm bracelets, dazzling earrings and stylish necklaces… there’s something for everyone.

  222. Designer profile: Gavin Vaughan  

    Gavin Vaughan  

    My work is very much inspired by nature and science and combining the old and the new. I love to explore new medias whether for my drawings or for my final products.   My drawings reflect how I want my final creations to be, whether small and detailed or large and expressive. I also try and capture beauty in things in which most would not normally have it.   I am hard working, passionate and highly creative; I am...

  223. Designer profile: Simone Williams  

    Simone Williams  

    The Simone Williams fashion label has been up and running since the summer of 2004 and is based in Hoxton, London. Simone Williams past collections have had an urban street wear theme where she used a combination of fabrics such as denim and leather. She also uses leather strips and belts integrated with other fabrics. This has become her signature look.   Ronke Lawal (Business partner) has been supportive of Simone’s...

  224. Designer profile: Kim Kwang Shoe Designer

    Kim Kwang Shoe Designer

    Kim Kwang gained a MA in Fashion Footwear from Cordwainers College (London College of Fashion), as a Jimmy Choo Scholarship student, and a Graduate Diploma in Fashion (Womenswear) from Central Saint Martins.   Prior to London, he studied in Milan at Istituto Marangoni receiving a MA in Fashion Womenswear, as a scholarship student.   Before establishing his own brand, Kim Kwang worked alongside Jimmy Choo on the...

  225. Designer profile: Kayley K Jewellery

    Kayley K Jewellery

    Using a combination of playful creativity and concept, I create fun contemporary jewellery products appealing to children, and adults of all ages. From strings of squishy sensory beads, to self-assembly chains of lazer-cut perspex links my work feels most at home somewhere in between the jewellery box and toy box.   These are pieces which want to be worn and played with.   Please get in touch if there’s...

  226. Designer profile: Dirty London  

    Dirty London  


  227. Designer profile: Beau & Oli  

    Beau & Oli  

    Just in time for spring, new label Beau & Oli is releasing their debut collection; a gorgeous range of designs rich in exuberant patterns and delicious colour palettes. With a thoroughly British touch, it’s an aesthetic that blends elegant heritage with contemporary boldness. After taking a look at their upcoming jumpsuits, separates and dresses, Beau & Oli is certainly the latest designer on our radar.Just in time for...