Inverness Photographer
Jodie Mann

I am a fashion, editorial and beauty photographer and make-up artist based in the Highlands of Scotland (Grantown-On-Spey). Currently, I am working on high fashion, beauty, commercial and...

Jodie Mann

Personal Summary

  • Portraiture
  • Fashion
  • Beauty

I am a fashion, editorial and beauty photographer and make-up artist based in the Highlands of Scotland (Grantown-On-Spey). Currently, I am working on high fashion, beauty, commercial and editorial photography as well as promotional work for talented local artists and musicians.


I apply my own make-up art on all of my current images, and I continue to do so in any forthcoming projects. Using a range of traditional and airbrush make-up, it is an enormous part of the images I create.


I am very enthusiastic about what I do and I work hard to bring every vision to life, be it mine or yours. I enjoy meeting new people and always strive to create something unique and exciting.


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Captcha image

Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D.

Lenses; 85mm f1.2, 11mm f2.8 macro, 24-105 f4 zoom, 16-35mm f2.8 zoom, 70-200mm f2.8 zoom, 8mm fish eye.

Bowens lighting.

Backdrops including green screen.

Dedicated studio with garage door.

27in iMac with professional editing software.

A very wide selection of M.A.C cosmetics.

Key Skills

Fashion photography, studio work, makeup artistry, styling, art direction, advanced digital re-touching.

Additional Highlights

CGI and video work.


Favourite Brands

Karen Millen, Kurt Geiger, Prada, M.A.C Cosmetics

Favourite Designer

Alexander McQueen

Favourite Make-up Artist

Valente Frazier

Favourite Photographer


Favourite Model

Gemma Ward


Please tell us a little about yourself, where you are from and what you do?

My name is Jodie Mann, I am a fashion photographer and makeup artist based in the Highlands of Scotland.


What makes you different from other photographers?

My services are not limited to the photography itself. For example I also provide professional make up application, wardrobe and hair styling and professional digital re-touching all in one. If you’re looking for the whole package, you need look no further.

I have a strong personal vision of how I want my work to look, so I work hard to build a wide skill set in photography, make-up, wardrobe and basic hair styling. With a breadth of skills I don’t have to compromise in realising my own unique portfolio of work, or have to rely excessively on other professionals.


Are there any images you are particularly proud of?

One image I am particularly proud of is the shoot in front of Druminnor Castle, Near Huntly featuring an Eagle Owl and a long, black gown. I spent some months preparing for this shoot, which entailed dressmaking, location scouting, pulling together a team and finding the perfect model to pull off what I had in mind. Planning a shoot outdoors in Scotland months in advance suffers one primary setback: the unpredictable weather. It was indeed a cold, wet day to begin with. But together we worked through the elements, kept positive and still produced the exact image I had envisioned. That’s one thing I love about my job - when the result matches exactly what you wanted, even if you invest many months in what turns out to be a single shot. That one perfect shot is worth every minute of hard work.


What do you think makes an excellent photographer?

When one thinks of ‘an excellent photographer‘ the initial thought is ‘someone who takes excellent photographs’ . This is true to an extent, as an excellent photo will arguably be well composed, beautifully lit, etc - but the finished image is the product, not the process. For the model or the technicians or anyone working at the shoot itself, an excellent photographer will most likely be someone who communicates closely, conveys their vision and creativity effectively, provides stimulus and inspiration, and takes charge.


Tell us a little about what you have planned for the future.

The big goal for me, and the reward in the end, would have to be seeing my work in the editorials of some of the most prestigious fashion magazines. Meanwhile I look forward to moving onward with bigger ideas, a wider variety of models, and just being able to enjoy the journey!