Alignment is the half-brother of Values.

“Alignment is the half-brother of Values. Much is made of conflict and how it can be a great creative force, which is true if it’s harnessed properly but unfettered conflict and back biting will tear the business to pieces. Equally true; passive aggressive acceptance of something with which employees disagree will destroy the business.

Conversely alignment may be seen as a kind of organisational Valium where everyone complies before sleep walking over a cliff to oblivion. But that isn’t what it’s about at all. Alignment DOES NOT mean never challenging what gets done but it does mean that there are clearly understood ways of doing stuff and it does mean that the principles of where the business is going and how it is going to get there are understood. Liken it if you will to climbing a mountain; hard enough on a good day but near impossible if someone is wrapped round your legs trying to rip you off the rock face. In the same way, making business a success is hard without people actively working against you. That is why Values are important and why hiring people who support what you are doing and how you are doing it is so important. There will come a time in many business’s lifespan when there has to be a major jolt to the system but that typically is when the organisation has lost its focus, has no clear behavioural compass and frankly needs breaking down and building back up or closing. If this is not the case with your businesses, then alignment is a good thing.”

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