Should I rent an office?

Should I rent an office?

Freelancers and small businesses often start from home. Whether it’s in the back bedroom, the garden shed or from the kitchen table, it’s the obvious, low cost choice for those wanting to work for themselves but not have the overheads associated with renting office space. However, as the business develops, you accumulate more ‘stuff’ and the once small space needed for a laptop and printer starts to get a bit cramped.

So what are the choices?

There are more than you think, and certainly plenty of flexible, low cost ones for freelancers and small businesses that offer a multitude of benefits that can really help your business fly. At York Science Park for example, and many similar places across the UK, we offer a range of options for those working in the creative sector, including a specific ‘incubation’ space for start-ups, business support opportunities, a variety of rental licences enabling you to stay flexible as you grow, plus access to meeting rooms and reception services.

Hot desking is also very popular with freelancers, as is co-working, which can be very attractive for groups of professionals working on a specific project.

By being in somewhere such as York Science Park, you will also be at the heart of a creative community, surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and business people, who frequently collaborate and work on new ideas and projects together. At York, you will also benefit from being close to the academics, researchers, students and facilities at the University of York, which one of our newest residents, Venture North Media, is finding invaluable.

Venture North Media, a video production company, brings together a collaboration of commercial production talent from the North of England. The company is based within our incubation space, Springboard, and is already working closely with students from the University and developing highly productive links with the University’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television.

So if you’re thinking that you maybe should base yourself beyond your kitchen table, check out your local science or business park. You may never look back!

by Tracey Smith, Managing Director, York Science Park 


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