There is no substitute for hard work to give you a chance of being successful.

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I am sure that you, like me, have read those articles in magazines and online Blogs that tell you all about; the 10 characteristics of great leaders and the 7 ways to get the best from your employees; even the 5 great ways to avoid going bust.

We read them, nod to ourselves in agreement and then wonder why people ever get it wrong when it’s just a matter of following a few simple rules.

Lists go back a long way, and no doubt Moses, if he is observing from on high might have a less than charitable view of the way Mankind has applied his 10 Commandments when it’s all clearly so straight forward. But Life simply isn’t that straight forward (OK, not killing people ought to be simple enough) and whilst you can try to encapsulate broad principles in lists the day to day application of good behaviour is way more complex.

Sadly this piece doesn’t result in a further list that will save you from the limitations of all the others but at least it might encourage you to enquire what sits behind them and why any list relies on judgement and nuance to even start to be effective.

There’s no substitute for hard work and consistent application of the right behaviours to give you a chance of being successful.

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