Sustainable fashion brand – Horizon Athletic

Published, 8 months ago

As the fashion industry continues to make great strides to become more sustainable, one sportswear brand that has inserted a sustainable approach since its inception is Horizon Athletic.

Dusting off my running trainers as we head into spring, I recently came across Horizon Athletic when searching for stylish and comfortable sportswear, with the added benefit of it being sustainable.

I have confidence in this brand because of their story, how they started, and where they’re heading.


Horizon Athletic

Horizon Athletic is a brand that was born in Sydney, Australia, developed by Marlena Gabriel, a professional athlete who was looking for more when it came to sportwear and sustainability.

Looking for the perfect sporting apparel, Gabriel took inspiration from the ocean and the great outdoors, which is apparent in many of the designs and styles we see today.

It is this inspiration that has also ensured that all products produced by Horizon Athletic are done so in the most environmentally friendly ways.

Sustainability at its finest

With the volume of waste and plastic found in our oceans estimated to be at a record-breaking high, Horizon Athletics not only aims to raise awareness of this issue and the effect that the fashion industry has on sea life, but they have vowed only to use sustainable fabrics across their entire sportswear range.

They do this by using a fabric known as Econyl.

Econyl is a recycled fibre which (and this is the part I love the most) comes from consumer waste and abandoned fishing nets!

The Econyl material is a yarn interlaced with Lycra Xtra Life.

Combining these two fibres together is what helps to make the finished fabric five times more hard-wearing than other fibres/fabrics – especially when it is exposed to sun creams, UV rays, chlorine, and saltwater – making it the perfect fabric for swimmers, and fair-weather runners like myself!


When fashion meets sustainability

We love how Horizon Athletics has brought fashion and sustainability together.  The brand shows their passion and commitment towards their environment and how we can protect it now and in the future.

They are most certainly a brand to watch as they continue to shape athletic wear, with a motto of “buying better and reducing overconsumption,” their products are designed to last, no matter how intensive the sporting activity, turning their back on fast fashion and making it perfect for my gentle, first run of the year…

Now…wish me luck!

How important is sustainability to you?

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