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As a fashion creative, where do you find your inspiration?

We talk about inspiration no matter what our profession or personal circumstances. What inspires us is what drives us to do the things we do and create and build the future we desire.

The official definition of “inspiration” is so fitting for the creative industry in that it is the `process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something`. Especially fitting because those things we feel like doing are often very much creative. It’s where most start-up fashion businesses are derived from, a little bit of inspiration.

However, it’s where we find our inspiration which is key, essentially because inspiration is different for each and every one of us. Ultimately, we can find inspiration wherever we look, if we know where to start looking in the first place!

Fashion Photographer Asiko

Credit: Fashion photographer Asiko

Because inspiration can be so unique to each individual it allows each creative piece created to become individual. Think about our most recent blog post where we explored the life of Judy Blame. Blame was renowned for finding his creative inspiration from wandering the streets or ‘mudlarking’ along the shores of the Thames, quite often creating his masterpieces from the very pieces he found there – everything in its own way unique and in turn, inspirational.

When we look at Ralph Lauren and his almost rags to riches story, Ralph found his inspiration from the actors, Fred Astaire and Cary Grant. He worked from the age of 12 to help fund his extravagant taste in clothes and styles, as well as selling hand-made ties to his fellow students at school.

Gabrielle Chanel, more famously known as Coco Chanel, founded the most famous fashion house in the world and as a designer, her inspiration came from her own sense of purpose. In that, she would wait for something in the world to influence her and then take this inspiration and channel it into a unique design.

Exactly what we have mentioned previous, where someone’s inspiration is so unique to them, their creative pieces also become unique to the industry.

Not as easy as it sounds

Looking for inspiration however sometimes isn’t easy, and we might be trying too hard to actually find that missing piece of the puzzle. Below, we’ve pulled together some information and pointers on where to look to find your inspiration.

Do something you love – Doing the things you love is where sometimes you can find the most inspiration. This can range from anything to playing with your children, to gardening! Even going for a run, or simply reading a book somewhere new! Doing things you love and doing them without it being forced allows you to take a step back, for your mind to relax and for it to start and awaken your imagination again.

It allows you to see things sometimes much clearer and when things aren’t forced inspiration can often be found very easily. Do something which pushes your boundaries – Don’t always stay within your comfort zones, it’s healthy that now and again we push our own boundaries. We’re not on about causing more stress or anxiety in your life but rather pushing your limits and trying something new gives you a bigger sense of achievement. It’s almost like a bigger pat on the back and a sense of accomplishment so then you go on to thinking about other things you can achieve; your imagination starts to grow and go off in all different directions and with this the wheels of inspiration start churning.

Credit: Fashion photographer Alex Fia

Look to people you admire – We all admire different people for different reasons. However, those that seem to inspire us the most are those that we can learn from. What I mean by this is those that have in some way done more than just be successful. For example, we know our role models to have failed at something, learnt from their mistakes and still picked themselves back up and gone on to be successful. Or, they haven’t necessarily had the best start in life; perhaps they’ve come from a normal working-class background and have worked hard to create the empire that they have now.

It’s also important to understand the people and stylists we admire, following them on social media, their fashion collections and lines etc. allows us to learn from them, and know the questions they are asking and the predictions they are making about the industry and the future seasons trends.

Follow your curiosity – This follows on from the point above in that if you have a particular interest in something or someone then feed that curiosity by finding out more. Read more books, magazines, and with the increase in social media channels and digital technology, follow more people on Instagram, see who’s doing what on Snap Chat and again follow the trends. What’s trending on Twitter amongst the general public and could this be the next “big” thing?

It’s not about doing what other people do, it’s about watching other people, listening to what is being said and conversations taking place and drawing your own inspiration from them.

Credit: Fashion photographer Jeanne Buchi

Dream big – We’re told all the time as kids to dream big, yet as we move through life sometimes this is forgotten. In the fashion world and others, don’t let this happen. Dreaming big is what inspires the biggest and best pieces. It’s what empowers you to put all of you into your work and it shows.

And whether you’re a freelance fashion designer or someone starting out in the fashion industry rejection is something to grow from. No, we’re not saying this to give you a harsh reality check! But more like a reminder that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. Rather you should take the rejection and use it to help drive you to keep going, use it as a tool that makes you push yourself that little bit harder and that little bit further. Learn from it and grow.

Inspiration to Fashion Rider

At Fashion Rider, inspiration to us means you! We find our inspiration from our members. Yes, cliché we know, but it’s true. We work with our members and listen to your stories and so we find out what drives you, you tell us what news you would like to hear, or problems that you’re facing in the industry currently and we use this as inspiration to inform our next blog pieces, or articles. To put together papers with leading industry experts providing further information on specific subjects.

Working with people who we find inspiring is what drives us to continue to promote Fashion Rider to the creative industry at large.

We’d love to know what inspires you, why not drop us an email or tweet and let us know, “where do you find your inspiration”?

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