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Gavin Kemp Photography

Working between London, the Midlands and Manchester, photographer, Gavin Kemp boasts an extensive portfolio; from lingerie to fashion, portrait to film and many others in between. With over 30 years experience in the photography industry, there is not much he has yet to achieve.  Published in magazines as diverse as editorial to campaign media, you can see his images across hundreds of websites and billboard campaigns and his eCommerce client list is just as impressive.  Perfectly at home on both location and studio shoots, Gavin is just as comfortable working one to one, or in teams of 20 plus people depending on the needs of the project.


Looking at his portfolio you can see that he brings a contemporary and bright style that captures the focus with a stunning exactitude.  His eye for detail and his instinctive knowledge of how to showcase the subject perfectly exudes from his photographs.  The colours and contrasts bring the images to life and draw the eye.  Gavin’s still life images offer an element of raw emotion and passion that is typically only seen in shoots using models.  His fashion and lingerie pictures showcase each item in a carefully selected setting that brings them to life and perfectly displays the features of each article, enticing the viewer to want that product.

His main website, Gavin Kemp offers a different perspective to his body of work to that seen in his personal work at, Gavin’s personal work where he showcases a wide range of his other photographic interests. The breadth of his body of work is clear in the contrast between some of his hard and critical opinion pieces. Gavin showcases highly personal pieces about his dyslexia, along with the very simple, yet powerful statements made in the series  ‘Books and Letters’  in which he draws on family gifts and personal correspondence spanning generations.

Gavin has also branched out into film making, with one client piece seeing over 10 million views on YouTube – an impressive feat.  One of his current personal projects is an exciting series of interviews, ‘Elite Athlete Insights’ that will be launched formally in late 2017.

Fashion Rider members have a tremendous opportunity to work with Gavin, the details of which are found below.  If you are looking for an exquisite calibre of work that will get your products noticed in a bold, stunning way you would be wise to consider this talented photographer.  With images of this quality gracing your website, magazine or other media, heads are sure to turn.  Quality images are, as we all know, proven to increase sales, and the quality of Gavin Kemp’s work and the impressive client lists he holds guarantee his work as outstanding.

Promotional Shoot Offer:

What Gavin is offering is a series of 3 ‘Client Days’ focused on ease and convenience, with a booking of just 1 or 2 hours.  This offer is targeted at designers and brands with small collections, mid-season drops, or small fashion projects. Depending on the day you choose he will have a commercial/ fashion girl, a commercial/fashion guy or a classic model in the studio, all at fixed competitive prices.

Click here for more information: Small But Perfectly Formed

If you are interested in working with Gavin, contact Fashion Rider as soon as you can, this is sure to be a popular offer and places are limited.

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