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Managing Stress At Work

In 2016/17 Stress, depression or anxiety were the cause of 12. 5 million working days lost (HSE).

But you and your business can take action to support yourself and to successfully manage stress levels.

You can build your personal resilience by becoming more aware of what causes you stress as an individual, and it is well worth investing in trying out the big four coping techniques. 


HR Success

Are you looking to save time and money and have the peace of mind that an industry expert has analysed your specific needs and put exactly the right package in place?

Fashion Rider has selected six HR Consultants who have provided you with valuable information and support.


3 Essential Ingredients to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Not everyone is cut out to work independently. Some of us need the structure, routine and predictability of a regular gig.
Fashion Rider has teamed up with Dr. Bobby Hoffman ‘Author of Hack Your Motivation’ so  you can make career choices that align with your talents and leverage your strengths.

Dr. Bobby Hoffman


Create, Manage & Nurture New Business

To have a creative mind is an incredible thing, but the deep thought process that is the source of innovation can be very time-consuming.

We have written this eBook to help you create a system that builds, nurtures and grows your own client base. All in the name of regular income and staying strong in this exciting industry.


Designing A Product

Designing a product successfully takes time and needs to go through a number of different processes.
Fashion Rider has teamed up with Rosebudd Consultancy so you can benefit from their 18 years of experience from design through to sourcing and production.

Rosebudd Design Consultancy

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