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A leading team of HR specialists, BIRCH-HR are uniquely placed to support members of the fashion industry at a strategic and operational level by providing insightful HR consultancy services leading to effective solutions and cost savings.

Key Skills

  • HR consultancy services

  • Management of HR policies and procedures

  • Provision of management toolkits and telephone helplines

  • Support with HR consultants and settlement agreements

  • TUPE project management for company mergers

  • Leadership and management training

  • Support with apprenticeships

HR for SMEs in the Fashion Industry HR is an important area for all SMEs, and especially those in the fashion industry. While the life of a fashionista can be full of glamour, excitement, travel and creativity, it can also be hugely competitive, involving long hours and high pressure. In an industry where success depends on an organisation’s design talent and creative output, staff are incredibly important. Modern recruitment methods, effective talent management, robust leadership development and thoughtful succession planning are essential. BIRCH-HR wants to work with SMEs in the fashion industry to ensure high levels of HR support your business. So how can things go wrong? When recruiting, headhunters or agencies can be expensive and you could spend an excessive amount of money and still not find the right person. Even before an employee starts work with you, ensuring that pre-employment checks are carried out (such as the right to work) can avoid expensive fines. You cannot simply say “you’re sacked” any more. You must follow disciplinary procedures as governed by UK employment law – or you could end up paying the price. If an employee becomes disgruntled they can make a claim to an Employment Tribunal, which will incur massive costs in respect of both time and money. If a story reaches the press about your organisation having inadequate HR processes, then the costs in terms of reputational damage could be even higher. Without a clear expenses policy, employees can rack up enormous bills for items which you might not find acceptable. How does appropriate HR minimise risks? If you don’t have a comprehensive contract, you might end up paying for an employee to sit at home while you investigate a disciplinary matter. If a member of staff simply isn’t delivering, you could have a difficult time getting rid of them if you don’t have the evidence. Unfair dismissal claims can run to £10,000s. Should an employee achieve 2 years’ service, upon dismissal they can take you to tribunal which can be extremely costly. Courts can be quite unpredictable and empathetic to the employee. If associate staff don’t have the right insurance, you could end up paying for their mistakes if anything goes wrong. How can we help? We can provide professional contracts of employment – ensuring the correct one is used for employees, associates or self-employed staff. It is essential to include the right terms and to ensure that people are aware of the company’s rules and the standards that are expected. We can draft a company handbook, which includes codes of behaviour and conduct, company expectations, the legal framework in terms of employment law and best practice. We can deliver a suite of key policies, such as expenses, disciplinary, holiday and absence which you can then incorporate into your induction process - setting the tone expected from day 1. We can work with you on performance management – setting up business objectives to help your company grow. We can help you review or draft job descriptions to ensure they are comprehensive and up-to-date. We can help with disciplinary matters. We can provide a telephone helpline, or meet with you virtually via FaceTime or Skype. We are also happy to meet face-to-face on a ‘pay as you go’ or contact basis.

Contact Details

Address: DY6 9HS
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