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Canelle Design is a small, independent company based in North London specialising in pattern cutting and sample making for unique garments. We also have a high level of expertise in toile, and garment fitting and production. Our team is reliable and consistent, with employees that have worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years gaining skill and finesse.

Hunter Boots, Chinti and Parker, Saloni, TROY London, Keji, Amanda Thompson Couture, Daniel Blake, Claire Thorogood, Susie Stone and others
Key Skills
Pattern cutting, sample sewing, garment making, alterations and amendments, bespoke clothing, made to measure garments, flexible fittings and meetings
1. How can our Members benefit from working with you?

Your members can benefit from working with us, because we deliver patterns and samples made with precision that satisfy every client’s personal needs. We have expertise in all areas of the industry and are very flexible with fittings, meetings and alterations.

2. Do you have a unique expertise with in your industry?

Our expertise lies in producing outstanding patterns. Our rigorous pattern making is accompanied by exceptional sample making. We work diligently, from the making of the toile throughout the entire process until our clients are satisfied with their final product.

3. Have you had any noteworthy Creative clients?

Some of our most noteworthy clients include:

• Hunter Boots: we created patterns and samples for their London Fashion Week Collection

• Chinti and Parker: we created patterns and samples for their seasonal collections

• Keji: we created all of the patterns and samples for their seasonal collections.

• Saloni: we created collection samples and some patterns.

• TROY London: we created patterns and samples for their seasonal collections.

4. Anything else that may be of interest to our Members?

We are equipped with a range of kit and machines that enable us to work with a range of different fabrics from silk to rubber.
Varying prices according to complexity of the work. Roughly around £20.00 per hour
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