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La Belle Assiette offers bespoke private chef and catering service. With our 200+ UK private chefs we deliver a restaurant experience to you. Whether it's a sit-down dinner, canapé reception, buffet or a cooking class, we'll make sure it’s a moment to remember.


Our chefs take care of it all: buying ingredients, cooking, serving and even cleaning up. Hosting events has never been so hassle-free. Just sit beck relax and enjoy the company of your guests!


Key Skills
Bespoke private chef service for both sit down dinners and canape parties, creativity (adventurous and unique menus), menu matching for every event (theme parties)
1. How can our Members benefit from working with you?

La Belle Assiette is a one stop shop for any catering needs UK nationwide. We offer chefs with different talents and

specialising in various cuisine types. Our service is even available for last minute bookings (upon 24h notice)

2. Do you have a unique expertise with in your industry?

Private chef dining events

3. Have you had any noteworthy Creative chefs:

We have chefs with unique experience ranging from Cordon Blue cookery schools to Michelin Star restaurants ...

4. What's the best piece of advice you have for our Members?

Why bother cooking and organising your dinner events? Why not rediscover the pleasure of entertaining guests with a private chef? They’ll take care of it all even the kitchen clan up!
We work with any budget and we try to deliver outstanding culinary experience.
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