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Born in a small town in Northern Ireland, Lindsey’s creativity and passion for design led her to relocate to London to attend the prestigious Cordwainers London College of Fashion.


There, she learnt the skills of leather craftsmanship and her creativity was able to flourish to new potentials.

Sophie Stellar Knitwear Studio

Matteo Tantini

Debauch London

Christian Cathor Ltd


Albert Martincich “Beauty and the Beast” London Fashion Week 2014 Collaboration

Key Skills
Leather work, pattern cutting for accessories, sample making, designing, range building, 2D and 3D development, sourcing.

1. How can our Members benefit from working with you?

I pride myself on being a friendly, honest and collaborative designer and sample maker. I work alongside my clients to bring their designs and ideas into their full potential to maximise on creativity and technical efficiency.

2. Do you have a unique expertise with in your industry?

I have particular skills in leather craftsmanship, working with both industrial standard machinery and hand tooling leather. I am also skilled in wet moulding technique with vegtan leather to create interesting and unusual forms. Being fully competent in technical pattern cutting for accessories, I am able to advise on the best construction method for designs and always strive to find interesting ways to make.

3. What's the best piece of advice you have for our Members?

Dream big! If it can be dreamt, it can be done!

4. Anything else that may be of interest to our Members?

I offer a free, no obligation initial hour-long meeting at my workshop to discuss ideas with my client and show them how I work. I am always more than happy to sign non-disclosure agreements for peace of mind and I also have a flexible working contract which I tailor to suit each of my clients so they can be sure their designs and ideas are protected and know what quality of work they can expect to receive.
£35 per hour for design consultancy, technical work and sample making.

Small production runs are based on an agreed price per unit upon sample production.

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