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Nailya has had a love for clothing and fashion since she was a young girl, growing up in the former Soviet Union. She particularly had a curiosity with regards to clothing construction, so when she finished school, she studied garment technology at University.

We have a regular client base of high-end Men’s and Woman’s wear designers and retailers, who regularly show their new creations at the London, Paris & New York Fashion weeks. Additionally, we are continuously being approached by new designers, who are just starting in the fashion business, and need help and assistance manufacturing samples for their collections.
Key Skills
Nailya specialises in the production of high-end clothing, in smaller volumes, from a single sample to runs of 200 garments. Plussamples is a team of skilled proffessionals with a real passion and dedication for their work. Their expertise covers all categories of men’s and woman’s clothing using the most difficult fabrics. The team enjoys a challenge and are happy to undertake extremely complicated tasks. Plussamples are able to offer a one stop solution for clients garment manufacturing and product development requirements, including pattern cutting and grading, toileing and first sample making, lay planning and marker making and production costings as well garment technical packs and manufacturing bulk production.

All garments are produced in our London studio. One of the main purposes of a sample is not just for sales, but to check the accuracy and fit of the garment and that the creative process is exactly as envisioned by the designer. Although one of the most expensive of processes it can save money in the long run, if a sample is produced by a technician with the relevant experience to anticipate and correct unforeseen problems. Good communications with the designer are important as is a an attention to detail, coupled with a wealth of technical knowledge. Pattern cutting is also a specialised stage of a garments development. It requires creativity as well as a complete understanding of a human shape and the way that we move. An additional requirement is the ability to interpret a designers vision and transfer this onto a paper pattern taking in account all the requirements of stitching an original garment. The quality of the services & experience of the pattern cutter will hugely affect their ability to interpret the designers sketch and therefore the final look of the garment. Plussamples approaches pattern cutting with a deep understanding of the importance of this stage of the garments development and only employ skilled, experienced & creative pattern cutters. We work to fulfil our customers expectations and would expect to produce a toile / prototype sample. Our creative pattern cutters will also advise with the suitability of the fabric and will give technical advice and assistance on all aspects and at all stages of sample making. Once a prototype pattern is approved by our customer we can supply either digital or manually graded patterns to a customers own size chart or grading rule.

Plussamples recognises the necessity of modern equipment, in order to produce high quality garments at competitive rates. We are constantly investing in new machinery and continue to service reasonable customer demands by purchasing new machines for specific styling features. Close working relationships with our clients is fundamental for our services as we need to fulfil their requirements starting with technical support and ending with on time delivery. Plussamples philosophy is not to be the cheapest ( there is always somebody that we undercut a price ) but we strive to be the best! Our objective is to deliver top quality garments whilst out performing our customer’s expectations.


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Address: NW10 2NB
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