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The latest round-up of fashion exhibitions and festivals

With the latest fashion exhibitions and festivals ranging from A life in Pattern to the V&A – find out first hand just how fast the fashion industry moves, the different trends over time and the exhibitions you need to know about now and over the coming months.

Everyday a fashion designer can take their collection to the stage to showcase their latest fashion lines and styles.  Presenting to the world just what, as a consumer, we should expect future trends to look like.

The most recent exhibitions which we’ll be looking at below, look at the history of fashion over the years, their influence and their inspirational sources.  As well as giving a round-up of trends over time we’ll also be providing further information on future exhibitions planned over the coming months – read on for more.

Orla Kiely:  A life in pattern

This extraordinary exhibition is taking place from the 25th May to the 23rd September and is being held at the very chic, Fashion and Textile Museum.  Very fitting for such a very bright and colourful exhibition! 

Patterns for me personally, is a style which can never go out of fashion and Orla Kiely certainly knows her graphic patterns!  Renowned as a successful designer across the UK and Ireland, Kiely’s designs are considered as “innovative, influential and instantly recognisable” across the fashion industry.

Fashion exhibitions are of course put together to show audiences a range of collections and styles, to show the designers influence over the years, and the “a life in pattern” exhibit is no exception.  An exhibition which has been put together to explore “the power of decoration to transform the way we feel”.

Kiely has produced a number of collections over the years, collaborating with a number of different industry professionals from fashion photographers, film directors and architects. 

The exhibition itself is to bring to life all of Kiely’s work to demonstrate through fashion the colour which we feel and see in our everyday lives. 

This is a great opportunity if you’re interested in finding out the processes a fashion designer can go through to come up with their ideas.  Looking at what has worked for Kiely, what has inspired her over the years and just how she has managed to create a successful globally recognised brand image when it comes to patterns!

Oh, and it will also feature the original paper sketched for the trademark “stem” graphic, as well as the prototype for Kiely’s early signature bags and “the evolution of the iconic pear and flower designs”.

Exploring the link between fashion and nature has always been a hot topic both in and outside of the fashion industry.  Nature has long been used to inspire a wide range of collections, from clothing to jewellery, to art and much more.  However, it’s also not without its controversy.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is showcasing an exhibition of fashion through the centuries, highlighting where fashion meets the natural world!

It sounds a little extreme, but this is its intent.  The exhibition is designed to evoke emotions and stimulate discussions around design and fashion production lines.  Especially once again bringing to the forefront those change makers who are directly addressing the environmental issues caused by the industry.

According to their own website the “V&A will change the way you think about fashion forever”.  The exhibition is to highlight how if fashion and nature are to live in harmony with each other, things need to change.  Production lines need to change and sustainability needs to be more than something we simply talk about.

The V&A exhibition comes at a time when there is a strong focus and pressure on the fashion industry to become more sustainable and it is also something which Fashion Rider has also recently reported on in our latest blog: Fashion Professionals Bringing Innovation through Sustainability

Up and coming exhibitions on the radar

Over the coming months we’ll also see some great exhibitions heading to London including:

Up close with Marilyn by Milton H. Greene at London’s Proud Galleries.

Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe – a really interesting exhibition displaying some of Kahlo’s most hidden possessions, bringing a little bit of Mexico to London.

And strange but something that is actually happening – the Spice Girl’s Exhibition!  Now love them or hate them they certainly made an impact in both fashion and music and the exhibition will display this impact as well as some of their iconic outfits!

There’s a number of great fashion exhibitions taking place across the UK in 2018 and it is these exhibitions which we can learn from, take our inspiration from and also look to evolve from.

We would love to hear your thoughts on any of the exhibitions and festivals mentioned above to find out your opinions on just what these exhibitions had to offer!

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